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Comprehensive Insurance


Offers all of the insurance coverage provided by the other two types and further benefits such as medical expense coverage.

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Third Party, Fire & Theft Insurance


More comprehensive than third party insurance, covering any kind of fire damage or potential theft of your car.

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Third Party Insurance


Third party insurance covers financial liability with regards to injury and property damage to yourself and others.

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Obtaining vehicle insurance before purchasing or leasing a car is important for a number of reasons: The undeniable fact that it is required under the law is only one.

Additional reasons include

  • Protecting against judgements: Guarding against that “just in case” scenario, having valid, affordable and proper cover is a wise decision. Without cover, you could lose your house, your life savings and many of your belongings if forced to sell them to satisfy a judgement against you regarding an accident.
  • Protect against those without proper cover: Try as you might, sometimes people get careless. Those that drive without the required cover can cause accidents, and if you don’t have the car insurance you should, you would have to pay for your repairs from their negligence out of your pocket, at least in the short term.
  • Protect against fines, impounding of your vehicle and other legal ramifications: Not only must you have proper cover for licensing, if you don’t have it, you could lose your car and receive hefty fines for driving without it.

Learning About Your Options makes finding the right car insurance and the right cover plan for the right price as easy as possible. Your starting point when looking for any auto mobile cover is always determining what type of cover you need: If you borrowed from a bank to buy the car, for instance, you will need higher levels and more extensive areas in car insurance cover than if you already had the title to it.

The most basic policy with which people are familiar is third-party cover. You cannot legally drive any vehicle without this car insurance foundation. This type of insurance policy covers your liability for property damage or physical damage or harm to another person if you cause an accident. Third-party insurance is the least expensive cover to purchase. You might consider this type if your vehicle is fully yours, if the car is not terribly expensive and if you have a tight budget.

There are distinct advantages to elevating your car insurance above that primary level, regardless of the vehicle’s worth. Comprehensive car insurance cover provides additional protection beyond the third-party cover and levels: It also covers damage to your own motor vehicle. Comprehensive auto cover is more expensive than third-party cover, but your levels of protection are greater as well.

Additional add-ons might include theft or vandalism cover or rental car cover. Each has a specific purpose and does escalate costs, but it’s often better to be protected than unprotected, then find you really should have bought it already. As you read through your cover options, investigate what “good to have” options each company offers and compare prices on those as well.

Receiving Insurance Discounts

One of the primary concerns virtually every car owner has is that of cost. There are few drivers who would not opt for every type of car cover available if it was affordable. Unfortunately, the more cover you get, the higher the cost will be. That’s simply a fact of life.

However, you might be able to squeeze in a bit of a discount if you are a savvy shopper: Safe driver discounts, age, combined insurance cover and location often have roles in your car insurance rates.

Tickets, accidents and premium cars will escalate cover costs. If possible, reduce or eliminate as many of those factors as possible. Trading cars for more economical models or a four-door model instead of a two-door model might lower your premium costs. Anti-theft devices and safe driving course completion can lower auto mobile cover costs. Increasing deductibles can help. Even the insurance company itself can influence your rate, so compare closely. Match all cover levels and types, and you will often see a wide gap of cover costs between companies.

Comparing Rates

After identifying the car insurance cover details you want, you head down the final stretch – comparing actual rates. Note the initial amount on each policy, then look for the monthly cost. Some companies prorate their premiums equally. Others require a larger initial payment but lower monthly costs.

Look for cover duration: Ensure you know the term of cover. Are you paying for six months or a year? Can you pay a smaller quarterly amount or even less via the total sum at once?

Compare each of these elements, then choose the right company with the right cover for you!

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