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Car Insurance

1 Month Car Insurance

Short-term or 1-month car insurance policies are tailored for the licensed motorist who drives only occasionally or prefers to drive another person’s car for a short time or who doesn’t want to risk an excellent driving history with a regular carrier. Whatever the reason, 1-month car insurance provides the versatility of driving a borrowed car or an owned vehicle for a limited time without the long-term premiums for that coverage. Even if you borrow a car for a few hours, UK law does require that you carry valid insurance on that vehicle while you drive it.

Driving uninsured in the UK carries very stiff penalties: You could be subjected to up to £5,000 in fines, burden your licence with six to eight penalty points, and even if that was the only infraction on your licence, it could be revoked for this sole but very serious offence. If you are in an accident without proper cover, the fines are only the start of your financial difficulties. Not only are you responsible for the damage to your car but also for damage to property owned by others and any injuries that are a result of that at-fault accident. Plus, you face the possibility of suits brought against you. It is far cheaper to purchase a short-term auto insurance policy!

Temporary Car Insurance Benefits

Licensed motorists who don’t drive often find temporary car insurance is the perfect solution to their occasional driving jaunts. They don’t pay for cover when they don’t need it, so they save a significant amount of money on a regular basis. They also meet legal requirements when purchasing this short-term cover, for UK law states that every driver have valid insurance whenever driving any vehicle.

These 1-month policies present comprehensive cover, which exceeds the minimum requirement whilst protecting the driver from repair bills on the borrowed or rented or test-driven vehicle. The protection extends to mirrors, windscreens and glass assemblies as well. When you wish to maintain goodwill with your friends or family, comprehensive cover is the best protection to have: Comprehensive insurance provides the only benefits for the insured’s car in case of an auto accident, regardless of who caused it. Returning a damaged vehicle with merely an apology usually won’t count for much even between family members.

Additional benefits that many motorists prefer add layers of confidence and soothing peace of mind. These specialised options can be added to your 1-month policy to expand your covered benefits. Many drivers who purchase this short-term insurance prefer to add tyre service, breakdown and hired car service: Each one can smooth the way to an efficient travel itinerary or a relaxing holiday. When you are driving an unfamiliar car or your comfortable, regular car, especially when you’re not familiar with the destination or route, these add-on benefits can make or break your travel plans.

1-Month Car Insurance Online

When you search for affordable 1-month car insurance online, your search just got faster, easier and far more efficient than it used to be. The Internet and computer technology has presented opportunities previously present only in science fiction novels. Today, you can gather multiple quotes from several leading one-month car insurance companies in less time than it used to complete one phone call. When you purchase 1-month car insurance online, you will probably pay less than if you had to mail in your premium: Automatic payments cost insurance companies less money than manually processing a cheque. That savings is often passed on to the purchaser.

You must meet qualification standards first, though. Most insurance companies have a minimum age for the primary or regular policy holder of 21 years of age. Some, however, have increased that youngest benchmark to 23 years of age. Many short-term car insurance carriers also have additional requirements, such as a maximum allowable number of penalty points on a licence and a good driving history, among others. Once you have been approved, you can add other drivers to your policy, so long as they meet qualification standards for named drivers. Those conditions vary between carriers, so be sure to investigate those restrictions.

Although most 1-month auto insurance policies can be renewed up to a maximum term of 28 days, and you do have the option to purchase another policy thereafter, if you really do need insurance beyond that initial period, you are probably better off financially opting for, say, a pay-as-you-go policy where you pay for only the months that you need car cover. If you borrow a car fairly often, alternate insurance might save you money. The “pay-go” insurance can be stopped or restarted at any time, which means you still don’t have the long-term coverage premiums to pay.

A 1-month car insurance policy avoids unnecessary long-term insurance contracts. It provides protection only when you need it and for as little as one day or as long as 28 days. Comprehensive cover gifts the widest benefit package of any insurance type, and one-month car comprehensive car insurance quotes save time, effort and a goodly amount of money. Use our free, online tools to find the perfect and perfectly priced 1-month car insurance from a trusted provider in minutes.

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