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17 Year Old Car Insurance

Surfing for provisionally licensed 17-year-old’s car insurance can be an exciting time for the young driver: Insurance cover is required to drive in the UK, so getting a 17-year-old car insurance paves the way for learning how to drive! As you source quotes, however, you may notice that whilst there is an abundance of carriers who are willing to carry the cover, the prices for many of these policies might be a down payment on higher education: Young drivers are in the highest risk group of any demographic, for statistically they have the highest accident rate. Learning curves cause mistakes, and whilst individuals may be more cautious, premiums reflect averages, which is why 17-year-old auto cover is expensive.

However, don’t be too discouraged: Targeting your search to speciality companies who are more sympathetic to provisional drivers can bring a 17-year-old car insurance quote down significantly. No matter which type of carrier – speciality or standard – offers an intriguing price, always deal only with providers who are authorised by the Financial Services Authority or FSA. The FSA oversees and registers financial institutions like insurance companies to ensure their business practices are legal and above-board. The FSA ensures that assets are available for every policy issued, so young motorists like yourself are not caught with a huge repair bill for your car and for all damages you caused in an accident. Take the time to protect yourself as you search for a 17-year-old car insurance quote that you can afford: Sometimes a deal really is too good to be true. Make sure before you buy, and never buy cover benefits you don’t need. Discuss companies, covers and other auto insurance issues with experienced motorists, the FSA or even the Association of British Insurers for reliable information.

Documents and Papers

As you embark on your driving career, which hopefully will last many decades, start your organisation early: Keep on file for later reference exact dates of things like when you received your provisional licence, when you took your theory and practical tests, when you started and completed driving lessons through a school or Pass Plus, and note any fees paid. Note when your full license was issued, the effective and termination dates of all auto insurance policies, the carriers and policy numbers involved as well as the type of cover. Also, keep in that file all insurance policies and booklets themselves. Note any accidents, citations and penalties, should they ever occur, as well. Keep your vehicle information available as well. The more complete your insurance-related documentation is, the faster it will be as you continue to drive, to find affordable cover for each vehicle or adapt to new phases in your driving career. It may seem like a lot of bother, but information kept is a most valuable commodity that can lead to very cheap 17-year-old car insurance and beyond.

Keep Safe for Benefits

Many 17-year-old car insurance providers allow early qualification for bonuses and discounts for safe driving. If you can find a speciality carrier that allows no claims discounts and bonuses, that’s a policy worth strongly considering. For every policy year you complete without filing an insurance claim, the provider will reward you for your safe driving by immediately reducing your premiums on your renewal policy. That doesn’t mean you must stay with the same carrier all your life, though. Many companies allow a transfer of that no claims status if you can prove how many years you have driven without an accident. Hence, a complete insurance file with those details is invaluable.

What type of insurance is right for you can centre on the type of vehicle you are driving. The cheapest cars to insure are those that are low-risk, low-cost and fuel-efficient models with smaller engines. If your car is older, and you don’t mind if there are a few scratches or dents, for instance, a third-party or third-party fire and theft policy might suffice. If you bought a car with a loan, though, you must carry comprehensive cover in your own name for the duration of the loan. You can lower those premiums by safe driving, securing your vehicle with Thatcham-approved devices authorised by your carrier, parking in a locked garage or at least off the street at night, adding a mature driver to your policy and always driving safely. Your 17-year-old car insurance rates can be reduced into a relatively cheap car premium, and low rates fit anyone’s budget.

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