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6 Month Car Insurance

Six-month car insurance may not be the cheapest option on the market, but it’s a nice compromise cover arrangement between an annual insurance policy, a monthly, a pay-go policy and temporary cover. Temporary covers last at most only 28 days and are exceptionally expensive if purchased continually. Pay-go and even monthly policies are also priced high because the carriers cannot expect long-term revenue. Long-term or annual policies may exceed estimated duration of need and may, therefore, cost more in the long run. However, a 6-month car insurance plan fits snugly between those options for someone who drives often but more often than a monthly or pay-go policy would cost continually. Motorists who opt for 6-month car insurance are as varied as any random group, but this policy is a favourite of people who are in an area for a predetermined time frame and will revert to a longer-term policy when back home again. Backpackers or explorers like this type of policy as well. They often buy a cheap car that runs well enough to solidly last a little while but don’t consider the vehicle a true investment. They purchase the 6-month auto insurance policy with excellent domestic and European coverage and explore where their wheels lead. Students choose this policy as well to cover most of the school term if they purchase a car whilst in session.

The Carping Industry

When considering a 6-month car insurance policy option, many consumers turn to user reviews online. Unfortunately, you might take the majority of those “reviews” with a grain of salt. If indeed posted by an actual consumer, you are often not told all the details, and a harshly negative opinion shouldn’t be considered terribly seriously. It might have been posted by an unethical marketer who planted the negativity in hopes of pulling market share away from the reviewed provider. If you want unbiased opinion online, look to expert sites for honest examinations. Trade magazines, auto mobile sites or even government and financial sites have more reliable information about carriers and plans. Seek expert opinion offline as well: The Association of British Insurers, the FSA or the DVLA can all provide you with trustworthy opinions and may even direct to you more affordable plans you hadn’t found yet.

From wherever you receive 6-month insurance deal information or carrier reputation and stability data, never work with a company that is not authorised to issue insurance or the type of insurance sought. Only the FSA authorises providers to sell valid insurance plans in the UK. Verify with that authority before buying an ultra-cheap 6-month car insurance policy on just the price.

Staying in Danger

If your travel plans during that six-month period includes incursion into unfamiliar areas, be aware of dangerous, high-crime or otherwise hazardous territory, whether in a city, a small urban area or a lonely rural area. Ensure you have valid communication with family, friends and emergency personnel at all times. If your car breaks down, and you don’t know the area well, one phone call will have help on the way. Resist help from strangers who may or may not actually mean well. It takes only a moment of inattention for a carefree holiday to turn into a nightmare, and it doesn’t matter if it’s daytime or night time.

Travel with someone. Driving long distances alone and especially through unfamiliar territory poses risks all its own. If nothing else, the company can be fun, and you can share the driving duties and costs.

If you aren’t worried about breakdowns or the car isn’t worth enough to repair after an accident, third-party or third-party fire and theft may suffice and present lower premiums for this intermediate-term insurance plan. If you prefer the car you drive be kept in the best of shape, purchase a 6-month car insurance plan that provides comprehensive cover, for only that insurance level will pay to repair or replace a vehicle, up to its depreciated value.

Be safe, be covered with valid, 6-month car insurance and enjoy your adventure whether it’s to a new city or a different country.

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