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About Us should answer most common questions car insurance shoppers like you have. You should have auto cover before purchasing your car, so we strive for simplicity and truth. You’ll find basic information about car insurance cover, hints on lowering premiums, city profiles for much of the UK, cover comparison options and more, all to one goal – helping you choose the right cover for the best possible price.

Whether you are an experienced car insurance shopper or a novice, learn all you can. It might save money in the long run.

Learning about Insurance

It’s never a good idea to buy anything before you read the label, so be sure to learn about the different types of car insurance cover, the tiered levels of protection and even possible ways to cut your premiums as well. Choosing the wrong cover type in the UK can cost you considerably more than a price of a premium or two.

After learning about the legal minimum cover and additional cover options, use the comparison tool on to bring the bottom line into focus. Use the cover details, complete the easy form, then in moments, insurance companies will offer you their best deals, all tailored just for you. Choose the one that’s best for you.

Additional Resources

While we aim to provide the most comprehensive information data base, it’s an ongoing process, so you might have a question about car insurance in the UK that we haven’t yet addressed. If so, don’t keep it to yourself! Please contact us, for we probably have an answer: We just might not have updated

Don’t buy any auto mobile insurance cover until your questions are answered. If we don’t have an answer, we can help you find those answers that are so crucial to making the best and most comfortable decision possible.

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