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Any Driver Car Insurance

Any-driver car insurance is either the easiest type to find or the hardest. Any-driver car insurance doesn’t fall into many narrow search parameters, and almost every carrier will issue this type. However, because motorists are so conditioned to looking for insurance for specific beneficiaries with individual information and histories, the search can seem quite frustrating unless or until the searchers remember that an any-driver car insurance policy of any tier covers literally any driver of that car, so long as the person has permission to drive it. Any-driver car insurance gears entirely on driver group averages based on the person listed on the policy and allows additional drivers to be covered. It also looks toward the type of car being insured. From the regular driver’s insurance group and the covered car, insurance companies formulate an initial quote. Then they provide coverage for additional drivers as needed. Family or household coverage under any-driver insurance can be quite a money-saving option when premiums are shared.

Third-Party Policies and Money

When searching for viable any-driver auto mobile insurance, and money is tight, you might look for third-party cover that allows multiple drivers. Understand, however, that no benefits are payable for the driven vehicle if the driver causes an accident: More drivers than just the one may be inconvenienced. If the car is older, and you don’t mind dents and scratches or being without the car whilst it is repaired, then third-party, any-driver car insurance may suit you quite well. If all applicable drivers on the policy share paying the premium, you might consider elevated coverage. You might pay the same per person as a solo payment for third-party coverage, and you could get so much more protection for that per-person price, especially if the car is used occasionally for high-risk adventure.

Racing and Driving

Especially with modified or performance cars, weekend racing against fellow enthusiasts is not uncommon. If you pit your horsepower against others’ horsepower, then you will definitely need speciality cover for your any-driver car insurance. Not only does the machine deserve the protection, but so might other drivers who need the car during the week. It doesn’t matter if the car looks ancient and bound for the junk yard, in racing, it’s what’s under the hood that counts. The rest is just false intimidation. However, that drive train could be damaged if you blow a tyre at the wrong time and hit the wall or another car that is beside you. If you car is flash as well as fire, that body work with the custom paint job can be quite expensive to repair. Your third-party, any-driver car insurance won’t fix that. Only comprehensive cover will, but you have to have the speciality cover that allows the activity, regardless of who is driving it. Now the search can get tough. If you cannot find the type of cover that still allows any driver, car insurance searches can be frustrating. Don’t drive without the required insurance. Seek help instead.

Seek Advice from Agencies

Two of the most reliable sources on all things insurance in the UK are the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and the Association of British Insurers (ABI). The FSA authorises insurance companies to issue policies, ensuring they deal with the public fairly and that they have the assets to pay the benefits promised. They know what reputable companies issue any-driver car insurance that you want. The ABI comprises over 400 insurance companies. If the ABI can’t direct you to reliable, reputable companies that offer the any-driver auto insurance you want, or the FSA can’t help you, no one in the UK issues that insurance – but we all know companies do.

If needed, you can also always consult an insurance broker. Different from an agent who has affiliation with a few carriers, a broker is completely independent and able to keep you in focus and works to fill your insurance need, not some sales quotas by a couple of companies.

Find the advice you need before you settle for a policy that may not suit. The selection of any-driver car insurance is either abundant and easily found, or it is buried and difficult to find. Either way, any-driver insurance should include only the benefits you want and none of those you don’t. Cheap any-driver car insurance is yours to accept or not. It’s your money, and it’s your choice. But have insurance on drivers and on the car to drive legally in the UK.

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