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Car Accident Insurance Claim

Making your car accident insurance claim is a simple and easy process. Since the Road Traffic Act of 1988 it has been a legal requirement that all drivers get insurance for their car. Without this insurance protection you can face a number of driving penalises, and potentially have your license taken off you. You are also going to be left vulnerable if damage has been caused to you and your car after an accident.

Those who do have insurance get a car accident insurance claim in this situation so that their insurer can assess who is responsible for the accident and pay out accordingly. Everyone will be required to make a claim if they are in an accident of any kind. It could be a serious collusion or a slight bump on your bonnet, either way you will have to swap insurance details with all other drivers involved in an accident so each of your insurance companies can get in contact with each other and assess the claim.

Getting your car accident insurance claim processed may take a week or so to do, but once it is done you will hear back from your insurance provider about the results of your claim. Hopefully your provider will have judged you not responsible for the accident and you will not have to pay for any damages. Whether you can claim for your damages on your car or not depends on the type of cover you have.

With third party you will not be able to get any of the cost of your repairs covered, whereas comprehensive will repair your car after an accident in all circumstances. If you do have comprehensive and your insurer accepts your car accident insurance claim they should give you an idea of how long it will take for you to get your car back. With any luck the car should be fully repaired and back in your permission within a few days.

Making a Claim Properly

To increase the chances of your insurer paying out to you in the event that you make a claim, you need to give them detailed and accurate information about your crash. The more detailed your description is, the clearer the picture of the crash will be for your insurer. This means if the crash wasn’t your fault you can proof it and not have to face the financial repercussions. There are a few things you should do to make sure that you give a detailed and accurate idea of what happened.

Once you crash, you should pull over your car immediately. Get out of the vehicle and look around to see if there are any witnesses around the area who would be able to back up your story about how the crash occurred. Eye witness accounts of the crash are going to improve the chances of your car accident insurance claim being taken seriously.

After you have swapped the details of insurance companies with the other drivers involved in the crash you might want to take some pictures of the scene. This can include the state of the road like skid marks indicating how the crash happened and the condition of your vehicle in the aftermath of the crash. All of this is going to give your auto accident insurance claim a lot more legitimacy and help your insurer get a clearer idea of what happened.

Aside from eye witness accounts from other people and pictures to strengthen your story you will also need to write down the full details of the crash when filling out your vehicle accident insurance claim. Try and make your description of what occurred as detailed and comprehensive as you can. This means explaining what you were doing in the built up to the crash and exactly how the crash happened in your view and what your reactions were to obstacles or dangers. If you have acted in an unsafe way at any point, insurers may pin the blame of the crash onto you and your car. If on the other hand you have driven safely and calmly throughout the entire crash and you explain this in your automobile accident insurance claim adequately, then you should have no problems.

Send It Off

Once you feel you have put enough detail into your car accident insurance claim then put it together with your other evidence and send it off. You can send it off via post or by email if you would like. Either way it should take a week or so until you hear anything. As long as you know that it was not your fault that the car crash occurred, and you have described this well, then you shouldn’t have any problems getting everything approved from your insurer.

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