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Best Car Insurance Companies

Identifying the best car insurance companies is entirely a subjective matter. Some consumers consider price the ultimate factor. Others consider claim response and processing time in the top slot. Yet others consider the quality of customer service more important than anything else. The only agreement of what constitutes the best insurance companies is when all these factors reach top shelf status, it seems. You don’t have to consider one more important than others; you don’t have to agree with user or expert opinion. Every individual motorist looking for auto mobile cover can and should define “best” individually. Just be sure that the company whose policy you purchase is trustworthy and authorised to issue the plan that interests you.

The Best Companies

As you surf around the Internet looking for the best car insurance companies per your definition, you might find sourced quotes that don’t match from site to site. Don’t be alarmed: Differing quotes don’t automatically mean one is a scam. Insurance companies who create and maintain their own websites and update information often. Those that either don’t yet have sites or also provide information to online quote comparison sites like this one might take slightly longer to update the exported information. A third option might be you have run across an affiliate marketing website that hasn’t checked with the sponsoring organisation for current information and plans available. Your best, first source of accuracy confirmation is the insurance company itself. Contact them and speak to a representative. He has the most current plan information available at his fingertips, and he can fully explain the plan in which you are most interested, provide accurate quotes and answer any question you have regarding restrictions, qualifications and even discounts and bonuses. You might even negotiate a better deal than what he gave you.

If you aren’t able to talk with someone within a reasonable time, you might find help with the Financial Services Authority on the legitimacy of the carrier and the policy. The Association of British Insurers can help you sort out the plan details or help you find a better one. If you have serious doubts about any of the quotes you found online, or if the carrier confirms that none of the other-site quotes had been valid in the recent past, contact the Office of Fair Trading and the FSA to report the possible fraud. Either or both will investigate and take appropriate action.

As you talk with the carrier, judge the customer service department on how professional, courteous and helpful the representative is as well as how knowledgeable about their auto insurance plans. How well they assist you before you become a customer may be indicative of how they might treat you if you become a customer. Don’t buy a policy on just telephone service, however. Buy the policy that fits your needs and your budget; just buy from a reputable carrier.

Protecting Your Car

When searching for the best car insurance companies that offer the best insurance deals, your search will be aided by knowing exactly constitutes the insurance package you want. Searching without that foundation will probably generate confusion, frustration and overspending or under-insuring your vehicle. If you are purchasing a car under a loan, you know that you need comprehensive cover. Might you afford breakdown cover and personal injury protection as well? You can source those tailored options into quotes and compare different benefit options and payout limits to find the right package for an affordable price. You might seek expert evaluations on average claim processing times and customer service satisfaction from users to solidify that this particular one is the best of car insurance companies for this auto cover deal.

If you find similar plans for similar prices, don’t be afraid to negotiate with either carrier. Let one know that you’ve found a similar deal but would prefer dealing with the one on the phone if a better deal can be found. Let them know the plan options, the benefit limits, excess amounts, discount plans and bonuses the other named carrier is providing. Most insurance companies can finagle a better deal to get your business right then and there. You never know unless you ask.

If price is a consideration but not always the top consideration, the concentrate your search on finding the perfect insurance plan. Then start negotiating price directly with the carrier. If there’s a benefit you want but it isn’t a standard inclusion, ask the provider to do so at minimal or no cost. In the end, the best car insurance companies might be the trustworthy ones who respect your business, whatever that cover business might be configured or priced.

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