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Car Insurance

Best Car Insurance

What may be the best car insurance for one driver isn’t always the best insurance for you. Tailor your car cover from a reliable insurance provider to meet your protection and budgetary needs. Before searching anywhere for auto mobile insurance, consider your travelling lifestyle, your driving history and your budget.

As you know, you must have car insurance to drive legally in the UK. You know the fines and licence penalty points that you can incur without the cover. Purchase or lease contracts may have set cover requirements, but otherwise, the law provides you with tremendous flexibility to choose your own coverage level or expense. You have the freedom to choose only the basic, no-frills plans, opt for a few add-ons, elevate cover to reflect intermediate cover of third-party fire and theft – with or without add-ons – or purchase the most extensive cover of comprehensive car insurance. Find the best deals by comparing multiple policies by multiple providers.

Affordable Auto Mobile Protection

Despite common belief, quality auto cover need not be extraordinarily expensive. Comprehensive cover provides the highest levels of protection and may be the level of insurance required if you have a car loan or are leasing. Many drivers opt to continue that top level cover after the loan expires, for it does help keep the vehicle in top condition.

Fully comprehensive cover provides compensation to third parties for property damage and injuries, compensation to you for damage to your own car and medical costs due to an at-fault accident, for fire and theft, then adds several benefits. Because of those additional items, comprehensive insurance does cost more than, say, basic third-party cover, which is the legal minimum required under UK law. Third-party party cover, though, offers nothing for your own car or injuries when you are at fault – only for others, including your passengers. Comprehensive auto insurance provides that additional financial assurance when you drive that third-party or third-party fire and theft do not.

Third-party fire and theft is an intermediate level of insurance that doesn’t provide all that comprehensive car cover does but offers more than the basic third-party insurance. The additions are self-explanatory: You get financial compensation for repair or replacement of your vehicle if damaged by fire or theft, in addition to the liability cover in case of an accident that’s your fault. Even your personal possessions in the covered vehicle are protected with fire and theft cover, one of the most popular reasons people choose this intermediate policy over the basic level.

Basic daily third party policies provide the legally required level of minimal cover, and if you do not have at least this insurance type, you can be fined, have penalty points noted against your license and suffer additional financial hardship from your liability to others. It’s that cover for others that is the mainstay of this policy type. Your car and your injuries are not covered, but those to others are. It also may provide some assistance with legal representation if you are sued. Many people with older cars and people on very tight budgets often opt for this minimal cover, for it is the cheapest of the three tiers of car insurance policies.

Best Car to Insure

Because the type of car you drive influences your car insurance rates, the best car to drive with those ancillary expenses in mind is a low-risk car like sport hatches or family vans. Statistical history has proven that drivers of those vehicles are in fewer accidents, costing insurance companies less money.

More expensive cars use parts that are more expensive, some requiring special orders, which increase repair times. If caused by an accident, repairs are more costly for insurance companies on luxury cars, antique or vintage cars, performance cars and modified cars. Those higher repair costs, increased risk of theft and sometimes driving habits play parts in increased car cover for these types of vehicles. To reduce your insurance bill, opt for a low-risk vehicle over a high-risk vehicle, and always drive safely.

Classic or vintage cars often require special insurance. These cars are in a class by themselves in more ways than one! Classic speciality insurance is always higher than for standard vehicles: Older cars often use parts that must be specially made or are extremely difficult to find, and using parts originally made for them maintains the value of the car. A newer part may allow the car to operate, but most vintage car owners insist on original parts: Classic cars are investments, not just modes of transportation.

Tailored Insurance Policies

There are myriad policies with standard inclusions and even standard add-ons, but you may desire different aspects or special levels of cover. Thankfully, many insurance providers allow you to tailor your car cover to meet your special needs. Regardless of your driving group – young drivers, women drivers, senior drivers or professional drivers, for instance, you can find the option you want that modifies a standard policy into a special fit for your vehicle insurance profile. Some tailored additions include breakdown cover, hired cars, medical and legal protection and many more, and each add-on is often available for every insurance type you want.

Without a doubt, the best car insurance for you is the one that offers you the best protection at the best price that allows you to drive legally and confidently. Regardless of the type of driver you are, the type of car you drive or tailored options you want, get the best pricing by having companies compete for your business with multiple quotes requested simultaneously from several providers. Don’t settle for second best. Get the cover and price you deserve.

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