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Breakdown Car Insurance

Breakdown car insurance is most often an added feature to any tier of coverage. It can be added to either third-party coverage or to comprehensive coverage. It can be an added benefit to long-term, monthly, pay-as-you-go or temporary policies. Breakdown cover is one of the most popular added features in the auto insurance industry, for this multiple-level benefit provides several emergency-situation services. It can provide roadside assistance, tyre service or even towing, which is invaluable if your car breaks down on the motorway or in an unfamiliar area. Some providers allow at-home service as well.

When you are sourcing quality cover online, if this benefit interests you, check to see whether the best comprehensive insurance already provides this very helpful feature. Some insurance companies will use this add-on as an incentive to either switch insurance carriers or to stay with that carrier. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Most companies are willing to at least consider this incentive or reducing its added cost to get or keep your business. Whether your car is old or new, it can breakdown at any time for just about any reason. Don’t get stuck anywhere without it.

Good Car or Bad Car

How valuable your car is or how important it is to you may play deeply in your decision for or against this added benefit. If your car is older and of low monetary value, you might opt for a one-off payment directly to a tow service if the vehicle finally “conks out.” If it’s important or valuable, however, having it towed to the nearest authorised repair facility in the fastest available time can make a huge difference, for the longer it sits at the side of a roadway, the greater its chances of causing or being in an accident.

To lessen the possibility of breakdowns in even the newest car, always ensure your tyres are within legal condition, the engine is in good repair and hoses, clamps and fluids are new and secure. Even those common sense precautions aren’t enough, though, if a rock is thrown into your radiator or there’s a fault in a belt or hose that you can’t see. Do all that you can to keep your vehicle in good running order, but always remember that sometimes, vehicle parts just break anyway. Protect yourself and your finances by buying this cover if at all possible.

Got a File on You

The fastest, most efficient car insurance searches are those conducted by motorists who are well prepared. Gather all required information and documentation to have on hand before you initiate your search for quality cover at terrific prices. If you enter a wrong number series, for instance, thinking you remember it, even a single-digit error could cause a difference in premium quotes of hundreds of pounds annually. Don’t guess: Have the information readily available for the most accurate online quote possible.

Be honest in the information you provide: If you fail to disclose the proper purpose of the vehicle or try to hide citations or accidents, the carrier who issues you insurance based on that bad information has the legal right to refuse benefits if you file a claim. It’s far better to negotiate lower rates than have not only cancelled insurance but also full liability for all costs associated with an accident you cause. Paying a slightly higher premium until you build a good history with that carrier costs you far less.

Take Advantage by Being Safe

If you are a safe motorist, you benefit not only yourself but also other drivers and your insurance company. When you complete an entire policy period without filing a claim against your policy, the provider, in recognition of your safe driving, may immediately award a no claims bonus that reduces your premiums on a renewal policy. Because no claims bonuses accrue over sequential years, over time, you could save around 70 per cent of your premium payment just by driving safely and responsibly. For some motorists, the security involved in the reduced risk of breakdown car insurance, removing the hazardous car from a traffic area, more than pays for itself as annual premiums drop.

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