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Business Car Insurance

Different from insuring the car you drive to a business conference, business car insurance is mandatory in the UK for all vehicles used in the operation of a business. Taxis, a van or other type of motored vehicle used to promote the business’ commercial interest must be covered by business car insurance. If you are the employer, you must ensure that each company vehicle driven at any time is protected by at least third-party insurance for reimbursement to others for property damage or injury caused by one of your drivers or yourself in an accident. If you are the employee who is driving that company vehicle, you must ensure that you are covered on the employer’s business car insurance.

To enjoy the maximum cover for your business vehicle, compare free auto cover quotes from several of the leading, trusted commercial auto insurance companies for lowest rates. Third-party cover does compensate others for at-fault accidents, but neither that basic policy nor third-party fire and theft protect your business’ financial health regarding your own vehicles’ repair or replacement costs. For the best business car insurance deals, focus your search on speciality companies who want your commercial insurance business for tailored plans for all your vehicles.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance Requirements

Business owners face myriad risks of various types every day and especially so when interacting with the public in some fashion. Financial risks related to the company vehicles can be minimised somewhat by insuring each vehicle with at least third-party auto cover. Whether you drive a company car on a business errand, or driving that vehicle is your occupation, you must carry business car insurance to not only drive that commercial car legally but to protect yourself against third party damage or injury claims

Whether a large conglomerate or an independent contractor, expensive legal defence and claim judgements against you can devastate your financial health. Business car insurance provides that blanket of protection from damage costs or medical treatment costs and even some protection in many cases against suits brought against you. Many companies depend on their vehicles to conduct normal operations every day. Comprehensive auto insurance is often best in those instances, for only comprehensive car cover provides reimbursement for your own vehicles’ repairs.

Third-party insurance does meet the legal requirements to drive legally in the United Kingdom. Third-party business car insurance protects businesses against claims filed against the businesses by the public and by customers. You advertise your business with your company vehicles, and you want the message to be clear, clean and concise. You want it to be favourable. Most of all, you want that message to be present, so keeping your fleet of company vehicles in good operating condition and of excellent appearance is important. Maintaining the financial health of the company is even more important: Protect your financial interests and your assets against third-party claims.

Protection of Commercial Assets

Whether it’s a corporate truck, van or car, your company vehicle is vital for transportation of personnel or delivery of goods for your commercial enterprise. These vehicles are your mobile advertisements for your business. You want your vehicles clean and in good shape. You need them to look good to others, for dents, dings, scrapes, cracks and crumpled bumpers send a very negative message about your business to the public. Comprehensive car insurance helps you maintain your vehicle and its appearance, for comprehensive insurance is the type that protects your own vehicles in addition to third-party property. Protect the bodywork and the glass and mirrors on your company vehicles.

Comprehensive insurance covers damages from accidents, regardless of who is at fault and even if no one is at fault, like an act of nature. Commercial comprehensive car insurance will pay to repair or replace your company vehicle if it is struck by lightening, destroyed by fire or a fallen tree. Commercial comprehensive cover also pays for damage to or replacement of your company vehicle from theft or attempted theft.

Breakdown cover is a much-appreciated benefit that complements comprehensive cover. Whether your company vehicle breaks down on the motorway or in a small hamlet, you don’t have to abandon that vehicle: Authorised repair or tow service can be en route in minutes to take that vehicle to a repair shop or even to your nearest company lot. If your employee was en route to an important business function, the insurance company may provide a courtesy vehicle to complete the trip and make the appointment.

Many commercial vehicle owners opt for the additional cover of a goods-in-transit option, which protects cargo if you earn revenue from its delivery. Goods-in-transit cover compensates for goods that were lost, stolen or damaged during transit but under your company’s control. If the van or truck driven by your employee was damaged, stolen or destroyed while carrying goods, the commercial policy addition will reimburse you for those losses.

Competitively Priced Commercial Policies

The words “fast” and “convenient” apply well when you use the Internet to find cheap auto insurance for your company vehicles. Commercial insurance providers are extremely competitive, and when you request several quotes at once via our free on-site tools, you receive an array of different policies and price ranges from which to choose. You can examine the different policy options, and you can very clearly see the differing prices for each plan presented. Compare plans and rates to find the maximum coverage for minimal prices. Incorporate standard safety and security devices, increase your voluntary excess and qualify for no claims discounts, and you can watch your commercial car insurance deal get even better.

Business car insurance is mandatory in the UK for commercial-use vehicles. Business car insurance for your solitary company car or your fleet of autos makes fiscal sense: Protect your vehicles and the financial health of your business by keeping your business vehicles rolling. Use the free tools on the site to tailor your preferred plan options and find insurance premiums for that cover that will grant you peace of mind and confidence in the success of your enterprise.

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