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Car Breakdown Insurance

Car breakdown insurance is an optional feature that supplements the base cover benefits. Many drivers actually consider this supplement as necessary, either because they own a car that tends to break down a lot or because they want the expertise of roadside assistants the add-on provides. When you are travelling in a new area or if you are far from home, a breakdown can create a dangerous situation that could leave you stranded who knows where for a long time.

When you add this almost invaluable benefit to your car insurance, you have help en route with just a single phone call. Whether you have a long-term, convicted driver car insurance policy or a short-term policy for holiday travel, breakdown cover may be provided within the policy features, or you might have to choose it separately. If you travel often or far, whether you are an experienced, mature driver or have young drivers newly qualified driving, this benefit is often the difference between a severe accident and safety. Compare plans for conditions, inclusion or exclusion and note the rates each provider charges before you buy the option.

Benefits of Auto Breakdown Insurance

Breakdown insurance includes roadside assistance and usually tyre service as well. Many providers include towing service as a portion of breakdown cover as well. Don’t add the benefit if already included. If your covered car does breakdown, one call to your insurance company will get help en route very quickly. Your tyre will be changed, your car jump-started or even towed to a nearby and approved repair shop. The price of tyres and towing of a reasonable distance are included in the cost of your insurance benefit, so rarely is additional cost incurred.

Teen drivers who have little experience in changing a tyre or that know very little about engines often benefit tremendously from car breakdown insurance. When you have little experience driving, it’s difficult to concentrate on the rules of the road and avoiding accidents and still recognise the signs of an engine about to break or a tyre about to blow. The longer a broken vehicle sits at the side of a road, the greater the chances of it causing a very serious accident. Parents of new drivers often wisely insist on breakdown cover for their new-driver teenage child who doesn’t have the experience to spot that kind of trouble or who would have the money available at a moment’s notice to pay for a new tyre or a tow truck.

When you use your personal vehicle in frequent business travel, car breakdown insurance can be vital. When in a new area and your car breaks down, it could be disastrous. Not only do you often not know the area, but you have no idea how to contact a tow service or perhaps get a replacement vehicle while yours is under repair. Breakdown cover can assist with the first, and the insurance company can arrange for a courtesy car; if that benefit is part of your overall insurance policy, the courtesy car is often at no-cost to you. If the insurance company arranges a hired car, you may get a discount on the rental fee.

Comprehensive breakdown cover will send repair aid or a tow service to your home to deliver the vehicle to an authorised repair shop as well. A dead battery or a flat tyre are no longer as worrisome or as costly with breakdown cover. If extensive repair is needed, the benefit may cover the tow. Not all breakdown benefit options include home service, so check the stipulations carefully.

European Car Breakdown Insurance

Drivers from the UK face additional potential difficulties when driving in the European Union. Not only are laws different, but often, so are languages, traffic signs and street navigation. The Road Traffic Act of 1988 requires all policies to provide at least third-party cover in Europe. Your Green Card should provide proof and protection for that cover whilst driving on the continent.

Car breakdown insurance can be added to that basic cover for times you drive in Europe. Your insurance policy would cover costs of roadside assistance should the covered car break down or have a flat tyre. However, breakdown covers for Europe can vary widely, so ensure you know what benefits the EU breakdown option provides and what you may need to add before your trip begins.

Adding this optional benefit will increase your coverage rates. However, even if you drive without incident 100 times in Europe, the 101st time when you need breakdown assistance, it will justify itself each prior and future time you drive there. Whether you compute just towing service or understand the potential loss from a missed business meeting, car breakdown insurance is an added feature that pays for itself in the security and comfort it brings wherever your travels take you.

Although few insurance carriers offer car breakdown insurance to supplement third-party cover, it often is an option with third-party fire and theft. Also, if breakdown cover isn’t already a part of a fully comprehensive policy, it is always included in an optional cover list. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and the car being driven: Car breakdown insurance can mean the difference between life and serious injury or death.

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