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Car Insurance

Car Insurance Categories

At the core of premium computation are car insurance categories that range from minimal levels of protection that only meet legal requirements in the UK to incident-dependent coverage to a full array of benefits that protect against any number of events. What category of cover suits you depends on several things: Your information and driving history, the car you drive, its mileage, its primary purpose and the status of you licence are a few common influences.

In addition to the three primary categories of cover – third-party insurance, third-party fire and theft and fully comprehensive auto insurance, there are several add-on features that enhance your protection according to the additional benefit. Breakdown cover, for instance, is one of the most popular add-ons and provides tow service, roadside assistance and tyre service. Some even provide a courtesy car if yours needs towing to a nearby repair shop. As you search for cheap car insurance quotes online or offline, keep these categories in mind and consider the monetary and transportation value your car holds to help determine the right car insurance category for your basic search parameter. Don’t neglect looking outside those lines, though: You could find better coverage for a similar price with the right insurance offer.

Important Documents

One key element to receiving accurate and affordable quotes across all the car insurance categories is accuracy of information you provide. Early creation and continual updates to insurance-related documentation can be crucial in accuracy and pricing. Having a comprehensive insurance file helps keep policy information, licence-related information and prior coverage documentation organised and available when you search for insurance quotes. Don’t rely on your memory: It can cost considerably if even an innocent error is made, for if a policy is issued from inaccurate or incomplete information, your insurance carrier can later legally refuse benefits, and it doesn’t have to refund your premiums. As you search for the right auto mobile insurance category then for the right coverage package, always ensure you provide accurate data on which those quotes are based.

The Glory of Comprehensive

Of all the insurance categories, comprehensive car insurance is, at face value, the most expensive. On the other hand, it provides the most benefits than the basic cover or the intermediate category. It provides all those cover areas, then it adds one very important feature the others leave behind: It covers not only others in an at-fault accident, it also covers your own vehicle repair or replacement in that same accident, regardless of who was at fault. Considering the cost of repairs to even the cheapest car, it’s often far more affordable to carry comprehensive insurance than to pay for repairs or vehicle replacement out of pocket.

Most comprehensive insurance providers allow generous discount and bonus plans. Even if you are satisfied with the carrier you might have, source quotes among the car insurance categories regularly. You just might find a better deal with another carrier. For instance, if you carry third-party cover only, you might be surprised to learn that some companies offer the intermediate cover, third-party fire and theft, at about the same price. Some companies offer a free breakdown cover upgrade for a year if you switch carriers, and most of those will allow a transfer of your no claims bonus series if you can prove the duration of your no claims status.

If you need first-time driver cover or you want help sorting through all the mature driver offers from among the three car insurance categories, you don’t have to wade through them alone. Get help from an insurance broker, an experienced motorist, car clubs, the Financial Services Authority or even the Association of British Insurers. These last two organisations are very helpful with insurance-related questions, even if about an insurance company itself. Provide your scenario, and they can help you sort through your options, explain the auto insurance categories and even perhaps make a recommendation to speciality carriers if that suits your scenario. Don’t buy just any policy. Buy the right policy from the right car insurance category that will provide the cover you need at a price you can afford.

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