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Car Insurance for 17 Year Olds

The market for car insurance for 17-year-olds is a huge, active and highly competitive one. There are myriad speciality companies vying for the attention of these young drivers, and there are even more standard insurance providers waiting impatiently for an insurance quote request as well. The market is only responding to the need for insurance for all those 17-year-olds who receive provisional licences every day. Everyone, even those provisional drivers, need coverage from the first moment behind a wheel to drive legally in the UK. Unfortunately, priced for car insurance for 17-year-olds is the second highest in the industry: Only newly qualified drivers experience a more expensive rate with a clean driving history. Fortunately for both age tiers, rates can be reduced both immediately and over time. As you search for car insurance for 17-year-olds, ensure you get the best coverage: Learning phases often include accidents from inexperience, which is why coverage is price above average. That means the driven car gets damaged. Only comprehensive cover for 17-year-olds will help repair that torn fender or that dented quarter-panel. The trick is to find cheap comprehensive car insurance for 17-year-olds to keep costs affordable, not limit coverage.

Cheap and Cheerful

If you are looking for a cheap deal on car insurance for 17-year-olds that instantly changes a dreary one to a cheery one, you might want either a temporary cover that allows provisional drivers as named motorists, or you might opt for a third-party cover. Either way, cheap insurance that allows your provisional driver to get the practice needed whilst driving legally will bring those plans to fruition at very little cost.

Sourcing multiple online quotes for carriers that will not just approve insurance but will welcome policy coverage for this learner driver is a step in the right direction. From multiple quotes at once, you can easily see price ranges, and therefore, just how enthusiastic each carrier actually is to insure 17-year-olds. You don’t have to buy any coverage you don’t want, and if the price is still just a bit too high for easy comfort, you can always request more quotes from more carriers to find that cheap car insurance for 17-year-olds that you’ve wanted. Third-party cover might give that cheap cheeriness you’ve sought, but know that it provides benefits only for others for damage to their property or for bodily injury they suffer. New, provisional drivers have a high accident rate, which means the car driven is at risk, too. Only comprehensive insurance provides those benefit additions, so a higher level of cover may be a wiser move financially.

Reaching a Little Higher

Whether you adore your vehicle and want it to last as long as possible or you simply can’t yet afford to replace it, comprehensive insurance is the cover level that will extend the life of your car for as little overall cost to you. Especially with 17-year-olds behind the wheel, you might consider the repair costs involved, which you would have to pay, if your still-learning 17-year-old caused an accident under either third-party insurance level. Only those within the first year of independent driving have more accidents than 17-year-olds, which means the car that provisional driver is operating is at just as much risk as those of other motorists. Third-party cover does meet legal requirements to drive in the UK, but when 17-year-olds are at the wheels, it may not be the most financially sound cover option.

Specialist Protection

Provisional drivers, those 17-year-olds on the road, are in the highest-risk age group for insurance. Their rates are notoriously higher than for, say, their parents’ coverage. However, you can seek specialist providers who target these young drivers and understand that while statistically, higher rates are justified for the higher risk involved, that doesn’t mean that all 17-year-olds are driving equally bad. Specialist companies are willing to share the initial risk of coverage for these drivers during this very important phase in their driving careers. However, the cheapest insurance for them, as any company will verify, is not whilst driving a high-performance vehicle. To achieve those lower rates, keep the driver who is just learning in a low-powered vehicle that is cheaper to insure. In the long run, the 17-year-olds who learn in smaller, less-powerful vehicles are safer drivers all their lives, for they gain confidence faster as they avoid more accidents. For the best car insurance for 17-year-olds, seek speciality coverage and have them learn to drive in low-powered vehicles.

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