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Car Insurance for a Month

Issuing car insurance for a month isn’t the standard arrangement with most insurance providers who prefer contractual arrangements for annual policies. However, some carriers do offer speciality policies for temporary cover that can last anywhere for one to 28 days. People buy car insurance for a month for several reasons: Visiting friends or family might want to borrow your car, and this coverage protects them and the vehicle. You might drive on holiday or for business without risking a no claims bonus on your other cover, or you might have just purchased a vehicle, and this one-month cover provides time for you to find a cheaper auto mobile insurance that has the benefits you want.

Car insurance for a month – or up to 28 days maximum – isn’t what anyone would call a cheap cover when compared to an annual policy, but it suffices quite well for those short-term instances where any driver, including you, needs to drive a vehicle for a short time without the hassle and expense of a long-term cover arrangement.

Up to One Month Cover

Loosely speaking, purchasing an up-to-one-month cover is usually on a per-diem rate. The convenience and versatility of this short-term arrangement is not without its price, though. Daily rates usually amount to more than a monthly premium on standard insurance, but it provides comprehensive cover on a daily basis. You can cancel the insurance any time you wish within that time period, but you cannot extend protection beyond the 28-day maximum. If you need coverage beyond a month, alternate covers are cheaper, even on a temporary basis.

If you borrow a friend’s car whilst yours is in the shop, for instance, car insurance for a month or less is a perfect solution. If you hire a car, this temporary cover purchased privately may be cheaper than the cover rate offered by the lending agency. Protecting your own driving and claims history on your long-term insurance is often worth car insurance for a month on a different policy, for if you do have an accident whilst on holiday or that business trip, you file a claim on the temporary policy, not your regular policy, and your no claims bonus is still possible.

Pay As You Go

Another alternate name for car insurance for a month or less, for you pay only as you drive and on a daily basis. The “pay-go” policy is still more expensive per day than other policies but they are perfect for the occasional driver who doesn’t own a car. There is still no long-term commitment, therefore, no long-term expense. Purchase cover only as it’s needed and only when it’s needed. The primary difference is that drivers pay for mileage driven in addition to a smaller per-diem fee.

Many pay-go insurers provide a GPS tracking device that notes not only the miles driven but helps identify unsafe or erratic driving practices that could lead to an accident. Some pay-go providers award a discount to safe drivers, based on the data this unit provides, which promotes continuous safe driving and reduced liability potential for the carrier.

Using pay-as-you-go auto mobile insurance for up to a month may be slightly cheaper than a regular temporary policy but only if used for shorter trips. The more miles you drive, the higher the end cost will be. The flexibility of this cover type keeps this choice of uncommitted insurance on the best-sellers list for those who don’t own their own vehicles or who drive very little overall. When minimal driving is expected, pay-as-you-go auto insurance may be what you’re looking for in short-term cover arrangements.

Setting up a Policy

Setting up a policy for car insurance for a month or less is fairly easy. For the cheapest policy, you first want to source multiple rate quotes from a variety of providers to ensure you pay the least amount in per-diem and, when applicable, mileage fees. Ensure you know and understand all conditions and restrictions, including authorised drivers, mileage limits and cover limitations, before you buy one. The provider whose advert you last saw may not be the cheapest auto insurance available.

When you have the provider and plan with the greatest value, you simply submit an application either over the Internet or over the phone, get approval, pay the premium and print your proof of insurance. Whether the cover is for yourself, for a visiting friend, for a holiday or a business trip, or only until you find a good policy for the longer term, car insurance for a month or less can keep you driving legally in the UK.

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