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Car Insurance for Students

Student car insurance is traditionally expensive, so finding cheap car insurance for students can seem more challenging than counting proverbial grains of sand. Student budgets are notoriously tight, and when adding auto insurance onto it, it can be even more difficult to make ends meet. Unfortunately, advancing out of the highest-risk age group of 17 to 25 years is mandatory: Only time will clear you from that group that statistically has the most infractions and accidents. That statistic set causes insurance companies to elevate car insurance for students uniformly.

Adding layers of risk to the equation, students reside in cheaper rent districts. Unfortunately, those postal codes are also high-crime areas, which escalate insurance premiums for everyone. However, don’t give up all hope: Some speciality companies cater to students and their insurance needs. To find the most affordable car insurance for students, seek quotes from those speciality providers who welcome student policy requests. Cheaper rates almost always come from companies who want your business.

Cutting the Cost of Car Insurance

When you are attending university and even after you graduate, you can cut your student car insurance premiums in any number of ways. If you are in the market for a car, choose one that is cheap to insure. These vehicles are usually smaller, economical models that are light-weight, have smaller engines with moderate acceleration speeds. As a bonus, these cars are also usually the ones with great fuel mileage and are cheaper to repair. The latter item also plays into computing your insurance rates: The more common your vehicle’s parts are, the less time it takes to repair and the cheaper the part. That’s excellent news for the insurance carrier in case of an accident and for you, for maintenance costs are reduced in addition to your premiums.

If you have a flatmate who has a licence, sharing an insurance policy then splitting the cost of the car cover will reduce costs for both of you. If each of you own separate cars, double the sharing and cover both drivers by name on the policy, then insure both cars on the same policy. You can determine each driver’s responsibility with our free online tools: Enter the information for one person and the owned vehicle and find quotes for that data set. Then tailor the policy with the second driver only. Get those quotes. Then adjust one final time by adding the second vehicle. The differences will determine each person’s share of the premiums for joint cover of two drivers and two vehicles if that scenario fits your situation. Be advised, though, that the primary policy holder is ultimately responsible for ensuring the entire premium is paid to the carrier.

Comparison shopping works well for any item, and it applies to finding car insurance for students too. It’s the best way to find competitive rates for students, for it is very evident which companies tailor policies to student needs: Those would be the cheapest of the multiple quotes you will receive. Consider those base rates, then reduce those premiums by driving less, using approved security devices and parking in a secure location when not operating the vehicle. Using public transportation or car pooling several days each week saves on insurance costs and petrol costs, making car insurance for students even cheaper.

Students and Car Theft

Rating vehicles for accident probability is one factor in determining rates of car insurance for students. Rating vehicles for the likelihood of vandalism or theft is another major factor. If the car you drive isn’t exactly an exotic import or a showroom model, securing your vehicle is very important and very influential in most insurance rates. Utilize security devices that have been approved by Thatcham, the non-profit organisation dedicated to reducing car theft and other devices recommended by your insurance company. High-performance locks, for example, car alarms, immobilisers and even car tracking devices can all combine into reducing those high rates of car insurance for students.

From the intermediate policy of third-party fire and theft to fully comprehensive insurance for students, your personal possessions are protected under your student car insurance policy. Your text books, your exercise clothing, your stereo and music disks, even your laptop are all protected, but conditions of cover differ. Third-party fire and theft reimburse for those items if damaged or destroyed by fire, theft, explosion or other covered instances. They are not covered if damaged in an auto mobile accident for which you are responsible. Comprehensive cover grants that level of protection, for coverage is granted, regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive car cover for students may be more costly, but it also provides protection for your own vehicle and medical expenses in case of an accident: No other level of auto insurance does that.

Target your quotes comparison toward speciality carriers who welcome student applications for cover. Take every safety and security measure for which you can qualify. Drive safely and add a no claims bonus for additional discount. Share coverage if possible to further reduce your rates, and increase your voluntary reduction, and your car insurance for students may become the cheap car insurance deal worth bragging about to your friends and family!

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