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Car Insurance for Women

Statistically, women are safer drivers than men, so UK car insurance rates are often cheaper than for men. After all, it’s a guiding principle in the insurance field anywhere that the lower the risks, the lower the premiums. As a woman driver, enjoy that reduced cost you will see as you gather quotes from several plan providers.

Car Cover Costs for Women

From the home hearth to the business world, women have more responsibility than decades ago. Oft-times, that busy life precludes a slow, meticulous search for hidden values and cheap pricing in car cover searches. You do have time, though, to receive multiple quotes from multiple providers and receive them all simultaneously. Whether at home or in the office, comparison shopping for auto mobile insurance is faster, easier and handier than ever. Make companies compete with online quotes for even better deals.

Men may consider it unfair, but women have historically been in fewer accidents and received fewer citations for traffic violations than men. Because of that safer history, when all other factors are equal, a female will receive a lower insurance premium than a man does. The statistics don’t lie, and insurance companies base rates on risk statistics, regardless of gender. Those belonging in lower-risk groups pay less for identical car covers, whether it’s for auto cover for young drivers or more experienced ones.

Some risk factors are beyond drivers’ control, and you can’t influence those in quoted insurance rates. Your age and your gender are two solid, immutable factors. Your residence, the type of car you drive, projected costs of repair or replacement of that car, your driving record and your security measures are some factors that you might influence. Women, though, will still receive lower premium quotes. Ladies, enjoy that potential discount, noted as potential only because of those other factors involved that may counter any gender discount.

Additional factors that any driver, woman or man, young or old, can influence is the claims filing history. If you complete a policy period and file no claims with your car cover provider, you will probably qualify for a no-claims discount that will reduce your premium for the following period. Any driver can also reduce costs by voluntarily paying additional excess, for that reduces the financial risk for your insurance company. Remember: Reduced risk equals lower premiums. Women drivers awarded a no-claims bonus pay less than men who receive the same discount. It’s a gender statistic that applies in every category.

Protection for Personal Property

If you own, drive, rent, borrow or lease a car in the UK, you must carry at least third-party car insurance. Your coverage must be for the car you own and/or drive. Third-party cover compensates others for damage or injury caused in an accident for which you are at fault. You, however, are not a third-party in your at-fault accidents. Therefore, your car or your injuries are not covered under this basic plan. It might, if your cover is high enough, defray some of the cost of legal representation if someone files a lawsuit against you.

Third-party fire and theft elevates your coverage from the basic third-party plan. It covers your car repair or replacement costs if damaged or destroyed by fire or theft. It covers your personal property within that vehicle. Young, old, men or women drivers who purchase third-party fire and theft cover are granted the peace of mind that if someone attempts to steal their car, this plan protects against those recovery costs.

While everyone with this cover enjoys that protection, it’s not unusual for spare shoes, dress or casual shoes, sunglasses, sports equipment, a change of clothing or even a great stereo upgrade to be stolen from cars. Women with this coverage enjoy replacement protection for less cost. If you can afford the slightly elevated premium for this plan, please consider purchasing it over the basic third-party cover.

Protection for Personal Property

Comprehensive auto mobile insurance also grants this elevated protection, plus a host of other benefits as well. It’s the most expensive of the three, but it carries much more protection than the others do. Explore those options as well.

Women drivers who purchase comprehensive insurance enjoy the added benefits beyond the protection for personal property. Breakdown cover, towing costs, tyre repair and even the costs of rental cars, glass repair for mirrors, windscreens or windows are included. Third-party cover for European driving is included. You, the woman driver, are covered as is your car. No third-party cover grants those important benefits. As a woman driver, take full advantage of car insurance for women. Find the best policy for less with comparison quotes from several companies at once. You deserve it!

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