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Car Insurance for New Drivers

Considering the high average cost of cover for newly qualified drivers, discounts play an important part in minimising the price of cover when you have just fully qualified for your driving licence. Because of their inexperience, new drivers always have high insurance rates. New drivers make mistakes. They don’t have the in-car supervision they once had. They have more accidents whilst learning to drive.

Vehicle insurance can be affordable for this high-risk group of young drivers. Search for insurance providers who specialise in providing cover for newly qualified drivers. By narrowing their primary target group, they usually can offer lower rates on car insurance for new drivers than most generalised insurance providers. Look for plans from providers who allow early qualification for discount programmes like a no claims discount for young drivers. Over time, that early start in this very popular discount programme can lower a new driver’s insurance rates with that carrier by 70 per cent or more! Keep a clean driving record, avoid traffic violations, and your insurance rates will fall significantly and very noticeably.

Comprehensive Insurance for New Drivers

Students, probational drivers and other young drivers often opt for the cheap third-party cover to drive legally in the UK. If you own an older vehicle whose value is low, one that would cost more to repair than its worth, then the minimal cover of third-party insurance is probably a good fit. However, the intermediate cover of third-party fire and theft costs only a little more, and it provides assurance if your car is damaged by fire or if stolen, you will have it fixed or be paid a portion of its worth.

Third-party fire and theft policies are perfect for students and other new drivers, especially those living in high-crime areas, who want to protect their transportation without the elevated cost of comprehensive insurance. Some carriers even charge less for this intermediate cover to discourage purchasing what they consider inadequate cover of a third-party policy. Third-party cover pays out only when the driver causes an accident, and benefits are paid to others only. Third-party fire and theft purchased online still offers that liability cover for property damage and bodily injury, but it also protects the insured car against damage due to fire, vandalism, theft, explosions and lightning.

Thrilling often describes the experience of buying a new car. The purchase may be more expensive than just the purchase price. Not only will you have the car payments and the interest to pay, but you will also probably be required to get comprehensive car cover for the duration of your car loan. Unlike either third-party policy, comprehensive cover pays to repair your own vehicle or cover your own medical expenses from an accident, regardless of who was actually at fault. It still provides the liability of the basic and intermediate policies, and it provides the same fire and theft protection as one. It may also provide protection for your windscreen, mirrors and windows, as well as a portion of the value of personal possessions damaged in an accident or stolen.

At face value comprehensive cover is more expensive than either third-party policy, but pound for pound, comprehensive is by far the greater value with far more extensive benefits. The optional personal protection alone offers enough incentive for many drivers to continue comprehensive cover long after the car loan is paid in full.

Pass Plus Scheme for New Drivers

You have just passed your theory and practical tests. You have in hand your brand new licence. Your thoughts are filled with driving solo, taking yourself to the mall, driving with your friends to lunch or taking that road trip you’ve wanted. You may not actually do those things, but the last thing on your mind is another driving course. However, enrolling in the Pass Plus course will expand your knowledge and your experience into six different driving environments. Once you pass the Pass Plus course, your certificate is the key to immediately reduced cover costs. Once you send proof of completion to your insurance company, that road trip has become even cheaper with reduced insurance rates!

To qualify for that driver education discount, however, you must pay the fee, find a qualified instructor and pass all six modules under supervision. You gain experience with night driving, bad weather driving, rural and urban driving and dual carriageway and motorway driving. You also gain that extra money in your pocket from the discount many providers offer for this invaluable training.

You can add to your savings by parking your vehicle in a garage at night, reducing the risk of theft or vandalism. Parking off the street is safer than parking on the street, but well-lit areas are better than shadowed ones. Using high-performance locks, vehicle trackers and immobilisers and other insurance-approved devices like car alarms will minimise the cost of car insurance for new drivers, especially when added to a no claims bonus for completing a policy period without filing an insurance claim. Maintain a clean driving record and a clean claims history, and that no claims bonus may accrue over time to about 70 per cent off your current premiums.

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