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Car Insurance Over 50

Car insurance over 50 is both a bane and a boon: Auto insurance is still required to drive legally in the UK, but at least motorists over 50 years of age enjoy significant discounts. Car cover must still be at least at third-party level, and no long-term policy is free, but the auto protection will usually reflect an important element – more than three decades of driving experience.

Needs of Someone Over 50

Motorists over 50 years of age may opt for larger, roomier cars than those when they were younger. They might enjoy the extra room, or they might enjoy having grandchildren aboard. For those or many other reasons, many mature, experienced drivers between 50 and 70 often have higher tiers of insurance risks, but none are due to age. Larger cars have greater risks of accidents than smaller vehicles do. The car insurance over 50, though, will cost less for that car than it will for a younger driver.

Mature drivers still have many options for reducing that cheaper cover if they so desire. No claims bonuses can start at any age at or above minimum for initial qualification, for instance. Many experienced drivers do, in fact, enjoy safe driving discounts year after year. Depending on the age of the motorist when he first received a no claims bonus, it’s not unusual for safe drivers who don’t file a claim to receive a total discount well above 65 per cent.

If statistics hold true, a driver over 50 years of age is usually drawing a good salary, which might buy a higher-priced vehicle like a luxury auto mobile. That escalated cost factor in repairs and replacement increase base insurance rates, but adding a no claims bonus and enhanced vehicle security measures can counter much of that escalation. One easy way to reduce the risk of theft or vandalism is simply parking that higher-risk motorcar in a locked garage when not being driven. Not only is it out of sight of car thieves, the building security makes it more difficult to break into the car and steal items or the car itself.

Additionally, if a motorist uses Thatcham-approved security devices authorised by the insurance carrier, those risks of vandalism and theft decrease as well. High-performance locks, vehicle trackers, immobilisers and good car alarms are common items insurance companies like and for which they often reduce auto cover premiums.

Driving Skills

The patterns, style and skills used by drivers have an impact on their rates for car insurance over 50. By this time in their life, habits are fairly ingrained, and bad habits behind unsafe driving are difficult to overcome. On the other hand, those safe driving techniques – slow acceleration, watching for approaching traffic, using turn signals appropriately, wearing seat belts and following at an appropriate distance and so on – are also deeply embedded, almost instinctual actions when behind the wheel of a motorcar. Since the fewest number of insurance claims are filed by drivers in the 50 to 70 age bracket, statistics prove that the latter scenario is accurate more times than not.

Price quotes for car insurance over 50 reflect that statistical improbability of accidents. Whilst they do still happen unfortunately, they don’t happen as often, and that reduced risk computes to lower premiums on the average. They have more experience in driving at night, in bad weather and in crowded traffic. They recognise most hazards easily, and they have the knowledge of what is the most appropriate action to take to either avoid an accident or lessen the damage upon impact.

Car insurance over 50 is laden with potential complications of higher-risk, higher-valued cars, balanced by extended safe driving records and fewer traffic violations. Wages often afford higher levels of car insurance over 50, but discounts, bonuses and statistics help counter that hypothetical increase in risks, making car insurance over 50 usually pretty affordable.

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