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Car Insurance Privilege

Car insurance privilege benefits – discounts and bonuses – are provided for drivers who quality under each programme and drive safely at all times. Driving is a privilege, and so are insurance discounts: They are earned and not automatically awarded. Beyond new drivers just learning, those drivers who are reckless usually have accidents. They disqualify themselves from earning the privilege of a no claims discount. Those that get traffic citations and lots of penalty points on licences, probably won’t earn a discount privilege on their next policy. Instead, they earn higher premiums. Occasionally, drivers get lucky and simply don’t get caught. Those may slide into a discount, but that privilege probably won’t last long because luck runs out.

If categorised, a driver who earns a car insurance privilege is a safe, careful driver who pays attention to hazards, traffic laws and road courtesy. They drive conservatively, leaving appropriate distances between vehicles and is a patient driver. They don’t cause accidents, and they don’t get traffic citations. They take every reasonable precaution to dissuade car vandals and thieves, and they learn from the experience of others. Whether a car insurance privilege is awarded immediately or later, they always keep them in mind, for they love the extra money in their pockets that discount privileges give them.

No Claims Privilege

A no claims privilege can be the most valuable discount a driver can earn. By completing a policy term without filing a claim, most insurance companies show their appreciation by awarding a discount for that driver on a renewal policy. Instantly, premiums for that new term are lower than the year before and earned simply by driving safely without accident or incident. A no claims bonus awarded year after year can accrue to a total discount off the initial premium rate of up to 70 per cent, perhaps more. Now that’s a privilege worth earning!

Practise Makes Privilege

Who doesn’t want to pay less for insurance? Privilege programs provide ongoing opportunities to do just that. Even new drivers can earn them early and continuously. One of the best ways to heighten a young driver’s chances is to extend knowledge and experience. You may think after taking the theory exam and the practical exam that the last thing you want is even more driving education, but that added knowledge and wide-ranging experience gained by taking the Pass Plus course are invaluable. Not only will you probably receive an instant discount to your premiums when you share your certificate with your provider, that extra learning greatly increases your chances of earning those coveted no claims insurance privilege discounts every year. You must practise what you learn, though, and if additional practise will make you more confident and safer, by all means practise driving. Practice moving from a stopped position. Practice turning. Practice changing lanes, although changing them too often in traffic may initiate a talk with law enforcement, so use good judgement on the road. Practice instead in an empty lot, like when the mall is closed. Practise counts, but practising safe and lawful driving counts for even more.

Where driving safety is concerned, there is no question not worth asking, especially if it leads to additional car insurance privilege awards. If you are unable to find a qualified Pass Plus instructor, for example, contact your insurance company for suggestions. The Financial Services Authority or the Department for Transportation or the Association of British Insurers are all viable sources for driving schools in your area. Take every opportunity you can to improve your safe driving skills that boost your confidence. Take every opportunity to earn every car insurance privilege you can: You could earn enough discounts through safe and secure practises that you might treat yourself to a very cool holiday when you turn 25 and your rates really drop, and your insurance privileges make premiums all but disappear! Start with the cheapest policy you can find that has the coverage you need, even if you look longer for a speciality company that welcomes inexperienced driver. They are also excellent sources for advice on how you can improve skills and qualify for even larger car insurance privileges.

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