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A car insurance quote might prove that you don’t have to settle for mediocre cover to get a cheap premium price. Unlike days of old, you don’t have to spend days looking for the best insurance deal. You simply log online and find multiple quotes in moments. Using secure Internet technology, you can seek, find and compare simultaneous quotes from several providers to choose the best plan for the least amount of money.

Drivers who are young, have bad driving records or have a high-risk vehicle may get frustrated using land-based methods to find reasonable insurance cover. Online, however, you can almost always find a better deal in far less time and effort. Maximize savings with optimized effort: Submit a quote inquiry using the free tools you find here to have several companies compete simultaneously for your business. There is no cost for the service or the quote. There is no obligation whatsoever. You are free to examine and discard any insurance plan or quote you don’t like with no financial commitment involved.

The Insurance Market

Competition in any business is always good news for the consumer. Competition increases quality while decreasing prices. In the UK, there are hundreds if not thousands of insurance companies competing for UK driver attention. Some may focus on certain cars; some may target age groups or driving experience. Competition runs rampant within those divisions, however, and using a site comparison site is the epitome of online competition leveraging.

Insurance companies use statistical data in presenting insurance quotes. Individualization is minimal at first, but as your driving reputation with the company you choose extends and solidifies over time, they and you can enjoy a warmer, less expensive relationship. The data used at first, though, are based on different criteria – your age, your car type, your mileage driven, your gender, your residential area, your occupation and finally, your driving record.

Based on what criteria a particular company finds important to its target market, you will be assigned to a particular risk group. Not all companies rate criteria equally, which is why you might see a wide gap between the highest premium quote and the lowest one. One of the primary factors that influences rates, regardless of group, however, is the type of car you drive. You might be a conservative driver, but that luxury car you drive is a high risk vehicle: Thieves love stealing luxury cars. That car choice will escalate your insurance rates above those for a family van, for instance.

One insurance company may specialize in insuring luxury cars, though. They might want your luxury car insurance business so badly that their rates are tens of pounds per month below the nearest competitor quote. Good drivers or bad, that company ranks your luxury car has its top target criteria. Almost all insurance group markets may qualify for a no deposit cover plan, and with the cost of luxury cars, having to pay no lump sum for an annual deposit may be quite an attractive option! Ensure the company you choose is financially stable and is authorised by the Financial Services Authority or FSA, then bask in the realisation that you “beat the system” with an excellent car cover plan for the best price available.

Specialist Car Cover Quote

Part of the quote you receive isn’t based on the factors listed above: What coverage types and levels you choose play a large part in determining insurance premiums. The quote reflects whether you are searching for basic third-party cover, include a few add-ons or you opt for the fully comprehensive cover that can provide the most extensive cover you would want.

Comprehensive insurance policies present all the benefits of the minimal cover to drive legally in the UK – third-party cover, adds the fire and theft advantage of third-party fire and theft, then extends the benefit ladder upwards to include such things as breakdown cover, glass protection, tyre service, hired car service and importantly, compensation for repair or replacement for your own vehicle or for your own injuries in case of an accident – something neither lower-tier insurance type provides.

Comprehensive cover may be required if you have a car loan outstanding or if you lease your vehicle. The lender or lessee must protect its property until you actually own it. When ownership is transferred, many drivers maintain the higher coverage to continue to enjoy the benefits and the peace of mind.

Third-party cover may offer some degree of legal protection or representation if involved in a lawsuit that stems from an at-fault accident, but comprehensive cover definitely provides that very important benefit. Windscreen protection is included in comprehensive cover as well, along with your windows and mirrors – also not provided in lower coverage levels. Breakdown cover provides a hired car during reasonable vehicle repair or replacement times.

Once you have tailored your insurance options into an attractive plan and spot a premium that fits your budget, see if you can further reduce your premiums now or later by investigating discount plans, such as the no claim discount that can, over time, accumulate to hundreds of pounds off your annual insurance cost, simply by submitting no claims. Be sure to ask about those additional discount before you choose a car insurance quote.

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