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Car Insurance Reviews

If you take special care to read objective, unbiased car insurance reviews, the input from other people can be invaluable to your insurance policy purchase decision. Not only are you looking for good coverage for a reasonable price, you also want a company you can trust, that has excellent customer service and a quick claims processing time. Unfortunately, the policy with the cheapest price may not provide the most important aspects – the customer service and fair claims processing.

Be aware as you search for insurance reviews that some unscrupulous marketers publish fake reviews that favour the product they want to sell, so seek a multitude of online review sources. Read about things customers did like and about what they didn’t like about a particular customer. Seek input from people you know and have coverage with them. Talk to repair shops as well, for they are the ones often getting directly for repairs. Virtually every insurance company advertises they have fast processing times and the highest standards of customer service. Get the real word from real sources. Remember what you’ve learned as you request online quotes on the group 1 auto you want to insure. Don’t be fooled by price alone.

Sourcing Reliable Car Insurance Reviews

When searching for car insurance reviews, strongly consider the reliability of the source. Look first for expert opinion: Financial experts, automotive experts and even independent experts on insurance constantly evaluate the reliability of insurance companies. Know how financially secure the company is. Find out how the customer service department compares to other customer service areas, according to unbiased personnel. These experts seek to educate, not convince or sell.

Just as infomercials thinly disguise a commercial aimed at convincing viewers to buy a particular product behind “presenting information,” “advertorials” are falsely placed “reviews” or editorials that are geared toward convincing a reader what to buy or not to buy. They are hardly unbiased. If you read several reviews on different sites that seem overly enthusiastic or present the same link to the “recommended” site again and again, regardless of different user names, they are probably advertorials and not actual reviews.

Reliable reviews present facts as facts and educated conclusions as such, and they do not mix the two. The most affordable policy may not offer the best value for your money. There may be restrictions noted in the fine print that are common to a particular insurance company that you may not notice. An expert knows the patterns to see and can note that in an unbiased review. A qualifying condition may be so strict that virtually no one qualifies. If that apparent discount convinces you to buy, based on alleged user comments, is that getting actual value for your money? Does that discount actually count? Also, if all reviews are equal, you might pay less for a third-party cover, but it actually provides very little value for what you pay. When you don’t care if your only transportation is unrepairable or if you have reserve funds to pay for those repairs that third-party won’t cover, that basic policy may suit you just fine. However, comprehensive insurance does provide the best benefit-to-premium value of all three insurance types.

Online consumer reviews present opinions and each driver’s experience. Those are also biased. The reviewer could have thought a policy covered something it didn’t because the driver failed to present needed information, causing anger to influence the negativity of the review. On the other hand, if a review doesn’t seem too “over the top,” there might be a legitimate complaint. Look at overall patterns of consumer reviews, and don’t base your impression on just one or two. If there are series after series of negative reviews about the same company on many different sites and in several offline articles, you might consider purchasing cover from another company.

Using Reviews to Buy Car Insurance

The end decision on whether to buy insurance from a particular insurance company or not is yours alone to make. It’s your car. It’s your money. Your decision on what type of insurance to obtain should be based on your needs and your situation, what car you drive, how far you drive, the benefits you want and the price you are willing to pay for it. You can use other drivers’ and experts’ opinions to guide you with information on the best or worst service or the best policy value.

User and expert reviews are also an excellent source for speciality carriers. Reviews often include bits that may guide you to a cheap policy for young drivers by a carrier who specialises in newly qualified motorists. Vintage car policies are often found this way, as are good import polices, for example. If you are in some type of high-risk category, having the names of these carriers in mind as you sort through online quotes can be quite helpful in finding affordable car insurance.

Accident response by a carrier is extremely important. If an insurance company is known for having an insurance adjuster or an inspector arrive at your home three days after an accident, that’s three days of uncertainty that shouldn’t have been experienced. If you read both expert and consumer reviews that the response time was minimal, considering distance, weather and traffic, that might be a carrier to watch for. Appropriate response in a short time is usually a sign of a competent customer service department. On the other hand, if you simply needed to fix a flat tire, and a tow truck appeared to take your car to a repair shop, is that careful action by the insurance? What if help didn’t arrive until the next day?

If you find expert discussion regarding options, award programmes, bonuses and other discounts, read them carefully. A tiered no claims bonus that increases each year, for example, might well reduce your premiums by far more over time, despite a very small decrease the first years, than a flat-rate drop each year might. Note those companies that offer free options over those that require elevated payments on the initial low-cost premium shown.

Car insurance reviews that are truly impartial can aid your search for a cheap but value-laden insurance policy. However, always remember that a review in the end is always an opinion. Your experience with a carrier could be quite different, for you know the facts of your involvement. User reviews on the Internet may well not be telling the whole story, either way.

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