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Cars in Insurance Group 1

Cars in insurance group 1 – the lowest-risk vehicles – the best investment for consumers who want a cheap car to operate and one of the cheapest cars to insure. Auto insurance companies rate and categorise vehicles according to risk factors – the risk of involvement in an accident and risk of high repair costs. Those vehicles with reduced accident risks and lower repair costs are rated in the safer-car range, in or near the group 1 band. If you know the risk band in which the car you own or are about to buy is assigned, you will have a better idea of its relative cost to insure.

Car safety and security values are rated a band scale of 1 to 50. Those in the low-numbered bands are low-risk vehicles; obversely, high-risk vehicles are nearer to the 50-ranked band and cost considerably more to protect. The Group Rating Panel assigns risk bands for every make and model of car produced en masse. Kit cars and modified cars and many vintage cars are automatically ranked higher than average because their specifications and capabilities are not known or cannot be tested in a large enough group for reliable data. Because these Panel rankings are suggested and non-binding, insurance companies are free to use or discard them as they will, which is one reason why insurance quotes vary so widely on the same vehicle.

The rarer or more valuable the car, the higher risk there is of vandalism or theft, and the more difficult and expensive to repair. Both of those factors are entered into the formula for insurance premium computation. Not every insurance company places the same importance of the same statistical data, however. What does remain constant, however, is that cars in or near insurance risk group 1 do generate lower premium quotations than those in risk band 49 or 50. If you know the risk band in which your car or desired car is assigned, you might opt for the smaller, less powerful model that costs less not only to operate but to insure.


Common, fuel-efficient models have easily interchangeable parts that are easy to locate and cost little, relatively speaking. Because of the availability of spare parts and the technicians who can install or repair them, group 1 cars cost insurance companies and you less money. That reduced financial liability for the provider is passed on to you in lower premiums.

Because autos in risk group 1 are lighter, prices for parts like front quarter panels or bumpers usually don’t cost as much as the same items in heavier, more expensive models. They cause less damage when they hit something too, and since liability costs are at issue, lower liability potential equates to lower premiums. The commonality of parts and the general availability of qualified repair personnel influence rates just as much as parts costs, so total repair liability is lessened as qualified technicians increase.


Vehicle performance plays a large role in an auto mobile’s risk band assignment. Engine size, capacity and horsepower counts – or discounts – for a great deal. The smaller the engine size and capacity, the less insurance risk it is. Modified cars, luxury cars and some imports have more powerful engines than smaller vehicles do, and that greater power increases risks of having an accident or having it stolen, which slots those cars into higher risk bands. You know how those impact insurance rates.


Any car can be stolen if the thief is dedicated enough. Some vehicles are more easily broken into or stolen than others, though. The Group Ratings Panel takes data on each car’s inherent security factors and rates its security. That figure is inserted into the insurance formula as well, but that figure can be enhanced and improved by using additional, Thatcham-approved devices. Car alarms, immobilisers, high-performance locks and especially vehicle trackers gain insurance company approval quickly and reduce insurance rates as well.

Cars in insurance group 1 are cheaper to buy, cheaper to operate and cheaper to insure. Each model can be enhanced in its safety and security ratings, which can reduce insurance risks and costs. Compare rates for cars in insurance group 1 with cars in higher risk bands to verify for yourself which cheap auto policy to buy or which cheaper auto mobile to purchase and insure, keeping your costs lower on both counts.

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