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Cars with Free Insurance

Many people dream of owning cars with free insurance. Whilst it not a usual and never a permanent situation, it is possible to get free, temporary cover if you buy a car from the right dealer. Usually, these car retailers are associated with a national chain of retailers, but some dealers do offer temporary comprehensive cover for up to a week if you buy a car from them. Some dealers even offer inclusion of comprehensive auto insurance as an added feature to a car purchase, compliments of a speciality carrier who agrees to offer unique pricing through the dealer. The cost of the cover would simply be included in your purchase price of the vehicle. Rarely, however, will that ever be allowed if you obtain bank financing for that auto purchase.

If you opt for a second-hand car that is currently insured via its selling owner, contact the carrier and ask about policy transfer. Many carriers allow this, so long as they receive confirmation that you are the new owner. Since the premium for the month of sale is already paid, you get a car with free insurance for a short time.

Either scheme works for those who want cars with free insurance: You just have to look for the opportunities and the coverage levels: Many free insurance packages are for third-party cover only. You pay for any upgrades in coverage.

Searching Far and Wide

While searching for cars with free insurance, it’s important to stay focused and to be patient. You will probably see a good number of repeated offers for the same deal. If it didn’t interest you the first time, it won’t interest you any more the fifth time you read it. You can note it, of course, just in case you find nothing better, but keep yourself on track, looking for new opportunities.

You don’t have to limit your search to the Internet, although it’s an excellent place to start. You can contact an insurance company or an insurance broker for information on cars with free insurance. Larger retailers who have advertised in the past can certainly answer your questions as well. They’ll probably try to sell you a qualifying car, but that would be between the two of you.

Although there are exceptions, cars with free insurance may offer a better premium for comprehensive cover, even on self-paid upgrades, than independent policies. The discount may come from that associated deal between the carrier and the seller organisation. Always be aware of the premium portion of the car deal, though. If you know what cars with free insurance interest you, source online quotes for those vehicles with the same level of cover to gain a price foundation against which to measure the benefit-to-price value of the free cover.

Making Sure When Signing

Before you jump with joy into signing a deal regarding cars with free insurance, take extra care to verify with expert, unbiased sources that the company is legitimate and the free insurance deal is legal and valid. Don’t purchase any car whose sale includes free insurance unless the issuing company and the contract is real, legal and fair. In cases where both insurance and car deals are involved, your best source for all these areas is probably the Financial Services Authority or FSA.

The FSA authorises all insurance companies that sell insurance and grants that authority only after an extensive background check into the organisation. The FSA would know if that type of policy can be offered by that company, if it’s a legal arrangement, and a fair insurance deal. The FSA is dedicated to protecting consumers from all sorts of financial fraud, so take the time to find out with certainty of the legitimacy of any deal for cars with free insurance, and take time before you buy. Don’t be pressured into a “this moment only” sales pitch. If the seller is that desperate for your signature, be desperate to walk away. You’ll find an honest deal elsewhere.

Blurring Lines

A popular method of consolidation of paperwork, convenience and often cost is by combining covers within members of a household. If there are multiple drivers, multiple cars or both at the same address, a multi-unit auto insurance policy may save the household money. Whilst some drivers or some cars might raise individual shares of the common premium, most of the time a combined policy will save the household itself enough to make this a valid choice. Note, though, as you seek online quotes for this type of cover, what people or cars make premiums increase significantly when added to the mix. Source quotes for that driver or that car separately: Sometimes, an anomaly occurs where individual policies for separated elements is the actual cost-saving methodology.

When you look for cars with free insurance, know whether the free part is permanent or temporary. If temporary, you have time to find an affordable cover of your own, and that’s a good deal. If permanent, determine if the cover cost is simply blended with the car’s purchase price or if it’s actually 100-per cent free. Then check the cover package. Determine if you can find fuller benefits that are affordable on your own. Perhaps combining household policies will be the smarter choice after all.

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