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Cheap Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers

If you are a driver who has been convicted of a driving-related offence, finding cheap car insurance may seem like an enigma encapsulated by a frustrating maze. Is it possible? If where, where do you find it? Fortunately, the cover does exist, and it’s usually offered by speciality companies more sympathetic to high-risk drivers. Make sure you look for those speciality providers that are authorised by the FSA: Your particular risk group is often subjected to fraudulent covers and insurance scams.

Whilst the covers will cost more than for those with no conviction on record, finding cheap auto insurance for convicted drivers merely takes patience and focuses searches for online quotes. Your best course of action is to seek multiple quotes for either affordable long-term or cheap short-term car insurance from several insurance companies at once. At a glance, you can concentrate on the lower rates to compare coverage levels, qualifying conditions and those important discount programmes. Establish a solid driving record with that company, and not only will your base rates fall, you can qualify for additional reductions through a no claims discount programme, for example.

Motoring Convictions and Car Insurance

Many UK drivers have some sort of motoring convictions on their driving records. Some are more serious than others, but convictions of traffic laws are not uncommon. Having a motoring conviction does not automatically mean the end of your driving career. Driving uninsured may incur large fines, penalty points and a possible revocation of your licence, but you can still obtain another one. If you have been convicted of a motoring offence, your insurance rates may be higher than before the conviction, but obtaining reasonably priced cover is still possible.

Each motoring offence carries a pre-determined number of penalty points. A speeding offence, for example, carries three points, but driving without the legal minimum of insurance carriers six to eight points. Offences even more serious carry points that don’t expire for many years: Drunk driving, for instance, carries points that may stay on your driving history for 11 years. Dangerous driving or ignoring traffic laws are assigned penalty points that remain on your licence for four years. If you are beyond your probation period with your licence, and if you accrue 12 penalty points during any consecutive 12-month period, your licence will be disqualified.

Most insurance companies increase your rates when you have a motoring conviction on your record: You didn’t not drive safely, and that increase risk relates to higher premiums, as well as disqualification for any safe-driving bonus. Each company determines at what penalty point insurance rates rise. If you have a long-standing record of safe, no-offence, no-accidents driving, an insurance policy might forgive a first-time speeding offence before increasing your premiums, for example. Another, however, might increase your rates with only a verbal warning on record.

Speciality companies who issue cheap insurance for convicted drivers understand the need for affordable insurance despite the conviction. They are willing to issue reasonably priced cover to meet this insurance need. Admittedly, you are a member of a higher risk group, so the premium rate may not be the cheapest on the planet, but speciality companies who welcome business from convicted motorists usually offer cheaper car cover than conservative, corporate-based companies do. Higher voluntary excess amounts may be required, but premiums are still affordable.

Lowering the Cost of Car Insurance

Drivers with motoring convictions on their records and carrying penalty points on licences can reduce their basic rates just as drivers with clean records can. Driving a low-risk car that is cheap to insure is one of the most consistent ways to reduce potential insurance costs. Cheap cars in the low-risk band are the smaller, lighter cars. They often have smaller engines, slower acceleration rates and are more easily manoeuvred than larger, heavier and faster models. They are usually less expensive to own and operate as well: Better fuel mileage and cheaper repairs make low-risk cars cheaper to own and to insure.

Creating and maintaining a clean, safe driving history is one of the longest-impacting methods to reducing car insurance rates for convicted drivers. The longer you drive without an infraction or accident, the cheaper your rates will become. If you qualify, a single no claims bonus included in your policy will immediately reduce your rates upon renewal of that policy. Continue driving safely for another policy term, and your rates could drop again on the next renewal. Although the notation of the conviction will remain on your record for several years, you can still actively bring your rates down with safe driving.

If you increase your voluntary excess, you reduce the financial burden carried by the provider. That action is rewarded immediately with lower rates. Secure parking in a locked garage reduces the risk of theft and vandalism. Reduced risk reduces insurance costs. Utilize security systems and devices that your carrier approves, and you can guess what happens to your insurance rates: They fall once again. Cheap car insurance for convicted drivers can become even more affordable by increasing the security of the covered vehicle.

Motoring convictions may increase car insurance rates somewhat, but between speciality companies offering affordable base rates, actions that you, the motorist, take can and often do reduce your rates in both the short-term and the long-term as you restore your driving record to good standing. If you plan to drive at all, you still must carry at least the minimum cover to drive legally in the UK. To find the cheapest car cover rates available, seek several quotes from trusted and authorised providers. Compare rates, benefits, restrictions and discounts available to find a truly cheap car insurance for convicted drivers.

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