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Cheap Car Insurance for First Time Drivers

Driving legally in the UK at any age requires valid car insurance. Cheap car insurance for first-time drivers is imperative to protect your driving record, your driving licence and your financial stability. Insurance isn’t designed to avoid accidents but to cover costs arising from them. At the very least, UK drivers of all ages must carry basic, third-party cover, which compensates others for property damage or bodily injury suffered in an accident you cause.

Costs of medical treatment added to the cost of repair or replacement of cars or other property you damage can financially crush new drivers, and those items don’t include fines, penalty points and possibly incarceration for traffic violations or not having cover at all whilst driving, which was mandated by the Road Traffic Act of 1988. This law is adamantly and stringently enforced, and uninsured drivers, whether they own the car or borrow a vehicle, face stiff financial penalties for violating it. Protect yourself, the young driver or the older driver, and your financial future by ensuring both you as the driver and the car you drive are properly insured before you start any vehicle’s engine.

First-Time Driver Insurance Comparison

When searching for cheap auto insurance for first-time drivers, be patient. Remember the vehicle insurance group lists, and find coverage quotes from trusted insurance providers who specialise in young driver insurance. Compare simultaneous quotes from several providers instead of thinking you must accept the first one that comes along. Rates for new, inexperienced drivers is higher than for other age groups: Expect it, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept premiums that are higher than necessary. Find those lowest-range of policy quotes: Those are the speciality carriers who understand the needs of young drivers.

Cut your search effort, time and cost by using the free online tools provided on the site. Give accurate information on your driving habits and on your car as well as the cover options you want, then search and sort from among the myriad policy quotes the insurers present. Note those you like, but keep searching. There may still be some plans that are just as good but offered at a cheaper rate from another carrier. If you shop carefully, cheap comprehensive cover for a good price is entirely possible when you compare simultaneous quotes. Besides meeting legal requirements for car and driver cover, comprehensive plans offer the best selection of overall cover available: It covers your own car and own medical bills, should you get injured. It provides benefits of both third-party and third-party fire and theft, then adds mounds of additional benefits as well.

Comprehensive cover can be especially important for provisional drivers. Because 17-year-olds rarely have the financial assets to pay for repairs to the vehicles they drive, comprehensive insurance will often carry the greater financial burden. On covered repairs, provisional drivers – or their parents – may be required to pay only the voluntary excess, as opposed to the entire vehicle repair bill. Comprehensive cover can replace the vehicle entirely, regardless of who was at fault, if the repairs are too extensive to be cost-effective. No other insurance type covers that important aspect.

Cheap benefits can be added to comprehensive cover quite easily. You would pay more for breakdown cover added to third-party cover, for instance, because by design, third-party cover does not provide benefits for your own vehicle. Add breakdown cover onto comprehensive cover, and there’s barely a blip on the premium rate radar. Comprehensive auto insurance for 17-year-olds and for all ages also covers another important aspect – Acts of Nature. No benefits are payable under either third-party or third-party fire and theft if a tree is struck by lightning and falls onto your car. Get the peace of mind 17-year-old drivers need: Comprehensive insurance allows new drivers to focus on driving safely, not on costs incurred if something unfortunate happens.

Discounts for New Drivers

One of the most important and money-saving discounts for which a young, new driver can qualify is the safety course discount. The Pass Plus program provides extra, intensive training in crowded traffic conditions, bad weather conditions, unusual conditions, rural conditions and urban traffic conditions. It provides additional education on spotting hazards, and it provides additional experience with driving on motorways or rural lanes that many drivers in the UK don’t usually drive while in their learning phase. By driving safely for an entire policy term, young drivers may qualify for a no claims discount, and over time, that early start to a safe driving history can add to discounts that total nearly 70 per cent of the original premium discount. For instance, if a comprehensive auto policy starts with premiums of £100 per month, over time, that same policy could be discounted to a mere £30 pounds per month. Your total discount over a life time can equal thousands of pounds you didn’t have to pay.

Additional discounts may be awarded for above-average security procedures and devices that reduce the car’s risk of theft and vandalism. Parking your locked car in a secured garage is an excellent practice that can reduce insurance premiums. Additionally or singly, using immobilisers, car alarms and vehicle tracking devices can also greatly reduce risks and, therefore, costs of car cover. Installing high-performance locks on a vehicle reduces the risk of vandalism, car theft, and personal possessions theft as well. Use every means you can to reduce your costs of car insurance for 17-year-old drivers.

Once you finish your provisional driving period, you enter a probationary period that lasts two years. It is important in the provisional and probationary periods to keep penalty points off your licence. If you accumulate six or more penalty points, your licence could be revoked. Always drive safely, taking extra care to comply with traffic laws and spotting hazards. The earlier you spot potential hazards, the better your chances of avoiding accidents. The longer you drive without penalty points or accidents, the cheaper your rates will become.

Strongly consider taking the Pass Plus course. The intensive instruction can save you not only money on your young driver insurance, but it could potentially save your life. Be sure to tell your insurance company when you have passed the course and have your certificate in hand. Then watch your premiums decrease.

Few 17-year-old drivers can afford to pay for a full year of cover at once. Most insurance companies do allow monthly instalments on car insurance to help young drivers carry the insurance required to drive legally in the UK, so be sure to investigate the instalment plans available. Insuring your car needn’t be a ball-and-chain that prevents you from affording petrol simply because you are a new driver. Be a clever comparison shopper: Use the free tools on this site to find the plan you want cover for the least amount of money. Cheap car insurance for first-time drivers is truly possible.

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