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Cheap Car Insurance for New Drivers

Cheap car insurance for new drivers may seem at times like a fantasy, but with a bit of perseverance and dedication, it’s entirely possible. Speciality insurance companies do cater to new drivers, understanding the need for quality cover and the desire to learn effectively and confidently. Those are the carriers you want to find for cheap auto mobile insurance for new drivers.

When you are driving on your provisional licence or are in your two-year probation period, the very last thing you want to worry about as you learn the rules of the road is how you would pay for accident expenses. If you are at fault in that hypothetical accident, and you had inadequate cover, how would you pay for damages to someone’s property or for their injuries? How would you pay for the repairs to your own vehicle or for your own medical expenses? That is the peace of mind and the comfort cheap auto cover gives new drivers: They can worry about driving, not about paying for accidents. Driving carefully and cautiously is important, though: If you accrue six or more penalty points on your licence, it could be revoked. Drive without insurance, and you could face not only six to eight penalty points but also up to £5,000 in fines. Then you’d have to start the licensing process all over again.

Cheap Cars for Young Motorists

New drivers often want independent transportation, so they begin looking for a car of their own. The cheapest car to insure, a cost that should be considered when buying a vehicle, are low-powered, lightweight and easy to handle. Often economical on fuel, lighter cars with smaller engines don’t cause as much damage upon impact, which reduces financial liability. Young motorists between the ages of 17 and 25 years can’t often afford the higher-powered, heavier luxury cars that cost considerably more to insure as well. Choose one instead that doesn’t accelerate quickly; those cars are among the more expensive of small cars, for young motorists have a tendency to be careless in them and cannot react appropriately or in time to avoid hazards.

Many businesses use smaller, less powerful cars as company vehicles because of the ease and low cost of insuring them. The concept applies just as well to young drivers who already face high insurance premiums because of their inexperience. A car that has great fuel mileage and has quick, lower cost repairs are cheaper to own in addition to cheaper to insure, which is another bonus for young people.

The security risk inherent in any car also plays a part in determining expensive or cheap car insurance for new drivers. When you purchase a car that is high on thieves’ watch list, it has a high threat of theft. High-risk cars driven by high-risk motorists always means expensive auto insurance. Instead, choose a car with a low-risk factor. Adding Thatcham-approved security devices will help decrease the amount you will have to pay. Security- and safety-conscious actions new drivers take can also reduce those premiums: Use immobilisers, car alarms and high-performance locks, for instance. Park your locked vehicle in a secured garage if at all possible. If that option isn’t available, then park off the street. As a last resort, always park and fully secure your vehicle in a well-lit area. Any action you can take to reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen will lower your insurance premiums, so check with any potential auto insurance carrier for their recommendations.

Multiply your safety and security discount by always driving safely. If you complete an entire insurance cycle without an infraction or filing an insurance claims, you might qualify for a no claims discount that is effective immediately upon renewal of that policy: Again, check with a prospective carrier for the no claims discount qualification for cheap car insurance for new drivers.

Monitoring New Drivers

Some insurance carriers offer unique methods to allow new drivers to prove they drive safely. One such method is a GPS system that monitors new drivers’ location and habits. Some areas are more hazardous than others, and some times of day or night are more hectic than others. Insurance companies can monitor new drivers to confirm the young motorists are driving safely, which may qualify the young driver for that coveted no claims or safe driving award that, over time, can accumulate to up to 70 per cent off car insurance rates.

The GPS device will monitor your location and speed at given times of day. Careful, responsible driving will be noted and rewarded, whereas the opposite could be true as well. When high-risk insurance is expensive, receiving safe driving discounts can be just the method to enjoying cheap car insurance for new drivers.

Educating New Drivers

New drivers are self-conscious behind the wheel. They are just learning to handle a vehicle. Increasing education and experience in a controlled environment can vastly increase not only a new driver’s knowledge base but also provide the cushion of improved hazard recognition. The Pass Plus course provides precisely those tools that new drivers need.

The Pass Plus course exposes the new, inexperienced driver to all kinds of road conditions, traffic conditions and weather conditions. Intensive training in knowing types of hazards that exist, recognising them and then avoiding them in the safest manner possible can mean the literal difference between life and death. Needless to say, a great many auto insurance carriers grant education discounts to new drivers who pass this excellent training course.

The course is not free, but the money spent is an investment toward not only cheap car insurance for new drivers but also toward a lifetime of safe driving. Once you find an instructor and pay that fee, you will be monitored throughout all six modules, and once you pass the exam, your certificate can act as a gateway to reduced insurance rates, making cheap car insurance for young motorists within your reach with the right provider. Find those speciality carriers who welcome new drivers, qualify for as many discounts and rewards as you can, and always drive safely to win reduced rates that comprise cheap auto insurance for young drivers.

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