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Cheap Car Insurance

Cheap car insurance avoids higher cost than necessary while still driving legally in the United Kingdom. Comparing rates from several insurance companies expands your plan options and your budget while still maintaining at least the minimal cover you need. Get the most competitive rates by comparing multiple providers at once.

Cheap insurance doesn’t have to mean inadequate insurance. With a firm idea of your insurance needs and a bit of research, you can find a comprehensive plan that is still affordable. Before you choose the first one you find, compare plans, rates and discounts from a variety of insurers.

Types of Car Insurance

As a driver in the UK, you are required to carry at least a minimum level of insurance. Even if you have never driven the vehicle you own, you must still carry some amount of car cover on it. Third-party insurance meets that minimum level of protection. Third-party cover pays your liability for property damage and bodily injury to others if at fault in an accident.

This standard and cheapest insurance also pays for injuries to your passengers. Third-party cover may also provide benefits for legal representation if you are involved in a lawsuit resulting from that accident, depending on your options purchased during auto insurance comparisons. You must remember that this cover does not pay for repair of your vehicle or for injuries you suffer.

An expanded cover is the third-party, fire and theft policy. This plan provides the benefits of the basic policy plus protection against damage to your vehicle from fire or a theft, whether attempted or successful. This is the only third-party cover that reimburses for damage to your vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance envelopes all the protection of the two lower-level policies, but it adds several benefits not available without significant additional cost. It pays for damages to your own vehicle and your injuries, for example. It reimburses the loss of personal property in the vehicle and other benefits as well. Comprehensive cover may be required by a financial lender or a lessee of the vehicle.

Even the cheapest comprehensive plan is usually more expensive than the other covers, but it also provides the most protection. Considering the cost of medical treatment and the expenses to repair your car, even those who own their cars often opt for this blanket protection. Consider costs relating to not just you but to any passenger and the cost of replacing your vehicle before making your final decision.

Discounts on Cheap Insurance

You may qualify for discounts that make inexpensive cover even cheaper. You can immediately reduce your premiums by voluntarily increasing your paid excess to above the compulsory level on your cheap insurance plan. Reserving that amount in your savings account will ensure proper and speedy resolution to any potential claim while reducing the regular premiums. Increase that excess amount as much as you can afford to maximise your cover discount.

Paying your full premium for the entire cover period will instantly save you money. Instalment payments include a service fee that escalates the monthly amount above the lump sum payment. Compare the lump sum payment to the total of the monthly payments that cover the same period, and you can see the amount you might save.

If you drive for an entire cover period without filing a claim, you may qualify for a no-claim discount that lessens your next set of payments even more. In addition to that discount, you might reduce your cover costs by using safety and security devices, as well as parking in secured areas like a garage at night. A locked garage reduces the chance of theft or vandalism. Don’t neglect the additional security tools: Engage improved locks, immobilisers and tracking mechanisms.

Drivers between ages 50 and 70 experience the lowest level of accidents in the UK. Therefore, if you are between those ages, you may qualify for an additional discount for your age group’s safe record. Younger drivers up to age 25, however, are in the highest-risk age group. Because of that group’s accident or unsafe driving trend, that age group will experience the highest premiums on any car cover.

Obtaining Cheap Auto Mobile Insurance

Purchasing cheap car insurance in the UK provides third-party protection whilst driving in Europe. Explore your options online in the comfort of your home, then enjoy the peace of mind while you explore the continent on your driving tour.

Finding cheap car insurance isn’t nearly so difficult as it used to be. Evaluate your insurance needs, then use the site’s free comparison tool to gain several cover quotes in a fraction of the time it used to take. Use the Internet to your advantage. Complete a simple form, click of the mouse, and you can find a cheap policy that will protect you while driving or stationary.

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