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Cheap Short Term Car Insurance

Cheap short-term car insurance provides a flexible means of driving legally in the UK for the occasional driver. Whether you borrow a car or hire a car to use for a few hours or a few days, affordable short-term auto insurance ensures you meet legal requirements to drive. It provides a freedom of travel without a long-term commitment to a policy contract, and part of that freedom includes insuring your own car temporarily while on holiday or on a business trip and still protect your regular insurance no claims discount.

Driving uninsured in the UK is a very risky and very serious action. If you are caught driving without proper cover, you face large fines, penalty points and increased insurance rates once you get insurance. That might be even higher than you think, for you also face revocation of your current licence. Even if you’ve driven safely and legally for a decade, drive once without insurance, and you could have to start the licensing procedure right from the beginning, and you’d be considered a new driver with a bad driving history. Protect your licence. Protect your car or a borrowed car. Get cheap short-term car cover, which may be possible even as imported car insurance on a short-term basis.

Temporary Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Finding affordable auto insurance when you are under 25 years old is often challenging, at best. Possibilities increase, though, as you build a good, safe driving history. With certain providers, you might enjoy a safe-driving discount after only one policy period. A no claims discount is often awarded after completion of a policy term without having filed an insurance claim. The discount is applied immediately to a renewal policy with that carrier, and you can accumulate no claims discounts throughout your driving life. It’s not unusual for long-term customers to earn up to 70 per cent or more off their initial insurance rates through no claims discounts!

Short-term insurance on your own vehicle can save that no claims history, for short-term insurance doesn’t correlate against regular cover. You must qualify for the temporary insurance, however. Most companies require a minimum age of 21 years, although some have the restriction set at 23 years of age. Almost every short-term insurance provider has additional qualifications, such as a good driving history or a low maximum number of penalty points allowed on a license. Once you qualify for cover, though, you have the option of adding a second qualified driver to the policy, so if you are driving a fair distance, you can share driving responsibilities.

Young drivers who qualify often use short-term insurance for test driving vehicles for purchase, or they might borrow a parent’s or friend’s car for a day of errands. Short-term cover provides that versatility without the financial concerns of a long-term contract payment. Finding, applying and paying for short-term cover via the Internet makes short-term cover even more convenient. Find the policy for the right price, submit an application, send your payment, then print your coverage certificate. That’s all there is to it. Then you can enjoy driving where you need to go and do what you have to or want to do, all whilst knowing you are driving legally.

Choosing a Short-Term Policy

Using Internet technology and access, you no longer have to take a long time to find affordable short-term insurance. Use our free, online tools to gather and compare several quotes from trusted and FSA-authorised insurance provides. Sort through the online quotes to find the daily rate you like best, apply and print your proof of insurance.

Most short-term policies are for comprehensive cover. You don’t want to pay all expenses for damage to both your and a victim’s car if you cause an accident. You don’t want to pay all repair and medical bills if the other person doesn’t have insurance. Instead, pay a daily rate for the only insurance that pays to repair your own vehicle and does so regardless of who is at fault. The best short-term comprehensive insurance also covers theft, fire, lightning and even explosions. It covers windscreens, mirrors and glass assemblies. It may also provide benefits for things stolen from a vehicle: Stereos, music disks and GPS units are top items stolen from cars. Compare the repair costs of the vehicle you are driving and the cost of potential medical bills, as well as the goodwill of the lending person if you drive a borrowed car without having that car covered by insurance. Third-party policies pay for damage to other people’s cars but not for the car you drive – for the friend’s or relative’s car that you borrowed.

Many short-term policies offer additional benefits with comprehensive cover that are popular with both long-term and short-term policies. Breakdown cover provides roadside assistance. Tyre service can replace the flat your car got whilst on the motorway. Towing service will take that vehicle to a repair shop close by or to your home. If the distance travelled is excessive, you may have to pay for the extra miles, but it’s still far better than leaving your car along the roadside. You might even have access to a courtesy car under your policy, so compare benefits closely.

Cheap short-term cover protects the designated vehicle from one to 28 days. You cannot extend that temporary cover beyond that maximum, but you can opt to extend to that time. If you need insurance beyond 28 days, you’re better off with a pay-as-you-go policy instead.

Short-term insurance is not designed or priced for long-term cover. Rates are per-diem, and although they are flat daily rates, they are not competitive with long-term insurance rates. Even monthly policies charge less on a pro-rated basis than short-term policies used for consecutive 28-day periods. If you find you are purchasing short-term coverage regularly, look into other cover options available. If a short-term policy is, indeed, what you want, compare rates and coverage benefits and limitations from several providers to find the cheapest short-term car insurance available.

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