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Cheap Temporary Car Insurance

Cheap temporary car insurance is perfect for test-driving a new car or borrowing one from a friend. You don’t shoulder the financial burden of a long-term policy, but you still drive legally in the UK, avoiding the large fines and other complications of driving without cover. You can maintain only yourself on a one-day policy, or you might be able to add another named driver. You can extend temporary cover to last during a short holiday or a business trip. You can even purchase cheap temporary car insurance on your own vehicle when travelling, avoiding the risk of spoiling your no claims bonus on that original policy! Free online comparisons of quotes from several short-term vehicle insurance companies are fast and efficient. The abundance of car insurance carrier on the Internet makes finding cheap temporary car cover so very convenient.

It wasn’t long ago that shopping for cheap temporary car insurance took hours. Using today’s computer technology and the Internet, that search now takes only moments. In just a few simple steps using our free online tools, you can be perusing several online quotes from trusted providers – and do so simultaneously for the best comparison scenario. Enter your information, receive an initial quote set, tailor additional benefits and see what plan fits your needs the best and the cheapest temporary car insurance deal.

Flexible and Affordable Auto Cover

When you drive in the UK, whether it’s daily or for an hour or two, the law requires you to have at least third-party auto mobile insurance. Third-party auto cover provides no benefits for your own vehicle, but it pays others for property damage or bodily injury that arises from an accident which you cause. A cheap green car temporary insurance policy will always provide higher levels of coverage than the legal minimum. Short-term policies are for comprehensive protection, which affords benefits for others, for fire and theft policy benefits and for your own vehicle, regardless of who is at fault – or if no one is. It provides reimbursement for damaged, destroyed or stolen personal possessions in the covered vehicle, and it often provides medical expense coverage and some level of legal coverage as well.

Cheap temporary car insurance provides the flexibility of paying for insurance only when you need it. You can purchase coverage on a daily basis for up to 28 days, still without a long-term policy commitment. It provides spontaneity of travel variations or last-minute plan adjustments whether you drive your own car on an impulse-driven long weekend away or have to drive in Europe for business. With your cheap temporary car insurance, you can protect your car separately from your regular policy and preserve the excellent driving record and claims status on your regular policy: If you are in an accident, your temporary cover notes the claim: Your no claims bonus on your normal policy is preserved!

If you hire a car, compare the renter’s provided policy against a temporary policy of your own: You might find a better deal yourself by comparing online quotes. Don’t be stuck at home without transportation if you don’t own a vehicle whilst holiday opportunities pass you by. Borrow a car from a friend or family member, obtain cheap temporary car insurance for it, print your certificate of coverage and enjoy the freedom you just gave yourself! You can even share driving with a friend simply adding a qualified driver onto your temporary policy.

Restrictions and Requirements

Short-term policies are effective only from one to 28 days. They cannot be extended for any longer. You can purchase another temporary policy, but if extended coverage beyond the 28 days looks certain, consider instead a pay-as-you-go monthly policy. For shorter periods, though, so long as you qualify, the cover is yours for the finding. Most carriers offering short-term coverage require that both potential drivers be at least 21 years old, but some stipulate a minimum age of 23 years to qualify. The majority of short-term insurance providers also require minimal penalty points at most, a good driving history and an excellent claims history. If you are below the minimum age limit, you cannot be the primary driver; however, the carrier might allow you to be an additional, named driver on someone else’s policy. Be sure to check age restrictions and conditions before you buy the policy.

When you have regular insurance on a vehicle, many motorists may consider purchasing a cheap temporary car insurance policy an extravagance. When weighed against your no claims bonus and the overall claims history with an insurance company, knowing that your no claims bonus can reduce your premiums up to 70 per cent or more over time, that cheap short-term cover just became even more affordable.

To find a temporary car insurance policy with excellent, high-quality benefits with cheap premiums, be sure to request online quotes from several of the top insurance carriers in your area. It may come as no surprise that even cheap temporary car insurance rates vary significantly. Tailor the benefits you want, find the cheapest auto cover for up to 28 days, then apply for your chosen cover. In moments, you can print your insurance certificate and be one your way with confidence and security that you are protected by your cheap temporary car insurance.

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