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Cheapest Car Insurance Quotes

You can find the cheapest car insurance quotes almost faster than you can spell the phrase. With only a few clicks of a mouse, you can see page after page of advertisements for the cheapest car insurance available. The question at that point may be “according to whom?” That’s where insurance quote comparison sites like this one come in handy. Enter your information once, click your mouse, and you have myriad insurance quotes for your driving history, your licence status and the type of car you drive listed neatly in front of you. From that list, you can sort the cheapest car insurance quotes from the rest and examine each closely, or you can opt to look more in hopes of finding even cheaper rates on the next batch of quotes. Every insurance company who sends a quote through our tools is registered and authorised by the FSA, so you can be sure the companies are reliable and the offers genuine. It helps, of course, to know what level of insurance you need and what you’ll take if you can find it for the right price range.

Cheapest Third-Party Deals

Unless you are looking for short-term insurance for only a few days, generally, the cheapest insurance quotes you will find will be for one of the two third-party covers. The basic third-party insurance level meets minimum standards to drive legally in the UK by protecting others if you cause an accident. As you can see, the benefits for these policies are very limited, and prices are indeed cheap. Some carriers, though, refuse to sell these minimal-cover policies as inadequate. Many of those carriers may offer the intermediate cover for similar or even lower prices for slightly elevated protection. Third-party fire and theft still provides the liability cover the law requires, but it also adds a few conditions under which the policy will pay to repair or perhaps help replace your vehicle, which is an area completely untouched in the basic third-party covers.

Third-party fire and theft provides reimbursement to others if you damage property or cause bodily injury if you are at fault in an accident, just like the basic plan does. It will also protect your car against fire damage, explosions, lightning, attempted theft or actual theft of your car. Some fire and theft policies may cover damaged windscreens, mirrors and windows if your car is vandalised. It may not cover scratches from keys or tools, though. A third-party fire and theft policy may allow for limited benefits to replace personal possessions stolen or damaged, such as your audio system, music disks or even a tablet or laptop computer or mobile phone. However, as good as these benefits sound, remember that no third-party cover protects your own vehicle in almost any kind of situation, even if you are at fault in an accident.

Comprehensive Cover

If the car you drive is older, without a lien on the title or is a spare vehicle, third-party cover may suffice for that auto mobile. However, if you purchased the car with a loan, comprehensive car insurance is often compulsory. If you own the car totally and it is the sole source of transportation for you , comprehensive car insurance may be better suited for your situation. You may not get the cheapest car insurance quotes for comprehensive cover when you’ve seen the cheapest car insurance quotes for third-party cover, but is the cheapest car insurance quote actually the least expensive?

Compare benefits, limitations, restrictions and added-feature costs to match what comprehensive insurance already provides. Then compare the added cost to third-party cover those added features onto a comprehensive policy. Usually, item per item, comprehensive covers provide the cheapest insurance quotes with the most value for the pound. Then before you opt for the lower-price anyway, consider what comprehensive protects that no third-party cover does: Do you have the cash reserves to pay for body repair, windscreen replacement, stereo and window replacement or a new axle on that sole transportation of yours? Can you afford to buy a replacement vehicle without reimbursement help? That’s what comprehensive cover provides you that other covers don’t: It protects your own vehicle and your own finances from auto accident impact.

If you are new to the insurance world, it is so easy to take face-value prices as the cheapest car insurance quotes to run with. However, remember that the cheapest car insurance quotes don’t always mean the least expensive in the long run. Compare multiple quotes from several top providers. Tweak your coverage options and source more quotes. Compare benefit levels, options and features against what they don’t cover to find the truly cheapest car insurance quotes that offer the best value and the best coverage you can afford.

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