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Car Insurance

Cheapest Car to Insure

The cheapest car to insure might be the one that costs you the least amount of money in fuel, repairs or routine maintenance expenses. Low-powered sports hatches, minivans and sedans that are lightweight, have smaller engines and slower top speeds present lesser risk and are usually safer to drive. Low risk equals low auto insurance premiums equals cheapest car to insure. Performance or modified vehicles, vintage cars and luxury autos all cost more to repair as their parts are more expensive and often hard to find, which extends the repair time. To save the most money on car cover, buy the more economical models that have a reduce risk of theft and being in an accident. Sometimes, you can find cover cheaper with co operative auto insurance than from a corporate carrier as well.

Whether you drive the cheapest model to operate or the most expensive one, online car insurance shopping will often locate the cheapest auto mobile insurance available in your area. Smart shopping means comparing prices and quality, and comparing auto mobile insurance quotes is no different. The Internet has made this process so very easy: You get multiple quotes from leading, trusted insurance providers in moments, and you don’t have to make call after call to get them. Simply enter your information once, click a button then review plans, benefits, features, add-ons and qualifications from a number of insurance companies that compete for your business – and you get them in moments instead of hours.

Car Size and Speed

As your gathered online quotes for the cheapest car to insure, you will probably see that prices differ between carrier. Don’t worry: This is not a computer glitch or insurance companies going wild. Although all car insurance companies have the same statistical data by which they group you, each insurance company may find different insurance group information is more important to that carrier than other data sets. All car insurance providers do pay close attention to a vehicle’s risk rating, however. The Insurance Group Rating Panel devised a risk assessment scale that assigns risk values to car models. Those that are low-risk vehicles are classified near the bottom of the scale. High-risk vehicle are, of course, near the top of the risk scale with values at or near 50.

Computed into those risk values are such specifications as vehicle weight, top speed and engine size. The more powerful, heavier vehicles can go faster, taking more time to stop and cause more damage upon impact. Therefore, vehicles that are heavier and faster with larger engines aren’t as safe to drive or as cheap to insure as the little economical model.

Generally speaking, the cheapest auto to insure is low-powered, lighter and more manoeuvrable with a reduced statistical chance of being involved in an accident. The risk rating may slide upward for a small car, though, if it has quick acceleration. Fast cars have a higher occurrence of accidents than do more moderate cars, especially with young drivers under 25 years of age.

Repairs are usually less costly and faster on the cheapest car to insure, saving both the insurance company and you money. Since repair-related costs influence your insurance rate, cheap repairs are an important factor. The abundance of qualified repair technicians play a positive role in reducing insurance premiums as well. Classic cars, for example, cost a considerable amount to repair: Parts aren’t as prevalent, and there may be very few technicians qualified to effect repairs. Parts may have to be ordered, and the closest repairer may a hundred kilometres away.

Auto Mobile Security

Without a doubt, the risk of theft of your vehicle influences the cost of your insurance. The greater the risk, the higher the premiums. Like the vehicle accident risk scale, there is a vehicle security scale as well. A car that exceeds security standards is rated as an E. Cars that just meet the security standard are noted as an A for “Acceptable.” Cars that do not meet those standards are a D for “Does not meet,” and vehicles that are rated as U may not find a carrier willing to insure them, for a U stands for “Unacceptable.”

Vehicles rated as E or A will probably be the cheapest to insure. These models are not high on the car thief’s probability list: Thieves cannot easily break into and override security measures to steal the vehicle. Most of these cars usually have Thatcham-approved security devices included in their manufacture, often including car alarms and immobilisers. They may also have high-performance locks to deter authorised entrance to the interior.

You can improve the security risk of virtually any car, regardless of its assigned security rating. Parking your locked vehicle in a garage when not driving it or off the street and in a well-lit area all can influence a decrease in your auto insurance premiums. Check with the insurance companies to obtain a list of each security device they recommend and the influence of each device on your online auto insurance quote. The safer your auto mobile and you become, the less your cover becomes.

Cheapest Car Insurance Providers

Finding the cheapest car cover is often a simple matter of determining which car insurance provider wants your business badly enough to offer you the lowest rates. It could easily be a speciality carrier that targets your particular insurance group, so even if you have a higher-risk vehicle, you should encounter rates that are below most of the other quotes, yet still the plan it outlines meets your protection needs. Take full advantage of every discount like a no claims discount, safety and security reductions and other incentive programmes to lower your cover costs. The cheapest car to insure differs with each driver’s interests, so request quotes for your situation for proper determination of the best-fitting and cheapest car insurance deal.

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