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Cheapest Cars to Insure

The fact that the cheapest cars to insure are also often the cheapest to operate and maintain and the safest to drive is no coincidence. All of these facets play their parts in determining insurance rates. It seems almost a bonus that the cheapest cars to insure are usually also the ones that get the best fuel mileage and manoeuvre well, which can be instrumental in avoiding accidents. The lower the overall risk your car has of being involved in an accident or be stolen, the more those factors will nudge your car insurance premiums downward.

Other factors beyond insurance rates may weigh more heavily on your vehicle choice, but if you shop for vehicles with one of your goals is to obtain the cheapest insurance possible, focus your auto selection to low-risk vehicles. These models are usually quite popular for their general affordability: Not only are new car insurance rates cheaper, but so are fuel expenses and repair costs. Consider small sports hatches or the smaller family sedans that travel well and economically and handle well in bad weather. The driving safety inborn in each model affects insurance rates greatly, often making those economical models the cheapest cars to insure. Heavier, faster, more powerful cars cause greater damage in an accident and cannot avoid accidents as easily, leading to higher insurance premiums.

Safest Cars to Drive

The Insurance Group Rating Panel devised a risk scale that evaluates various safety and security aspects of every vehicle manufactured. Engine size and top acceleration rates contribute to an auto mobile’s risk tier with the higher-risk vehicles rating near or at the highest risk designation of 50. The availability and cost of spare parts and average length of repair time are two additional factors in the risk evaluation computation.

The higher a car ranks on that risk evaluation scale, the greater the insurance for that new car will be. Any premium reduction a pristine driving record may have is almost erased entirely when insuring a high-risk vehicle. The greater the risk a car represents, the higher the premium will be.

Smaller, more economical cars not only avoid accidents more easily, they cause less damage if they are in an accident. Their lesser throw-weight reduces the risk of high-cost repair or intense bodily injury. These important aspects combine to decrease car cover costs even for new drivers and should be taken into serious consideration when determining purchase from the selection of the cheapest cars to insure. Between lower car cover quotes, good fuel mileage and cheaper repair costs, you can easily see why small cars are so popular.

No claims discounts can result in both short-term and long-term reductions that over time can accrue to a total reduction of insurance premiums by as much as 70 per cent or more. Succeed in completing an insurance period, and your safe driving will be rewarded with an immediate discount on your renewal policy. Continue that no claims history with your insurance carrier, and you can understand why such a long-term drop in rates is possible.

High-Security Vehicles

Not only is accident risk evaluated in determining insurance rates, but a vehicle’s inherent security features can decrease rates as well. Auto mobile theft is one of the most frequent claims submitted to insurance companies, which explains why security features are so important to them – and to you! Each car is rated for its risk of theft or break-ins. That risk evaluation is reflected in insurance rates.

You don’t have to rely just on that security rating, though. You can actively reduce your insurance rates by following some common sense tips whenever possible. In increasing order of rates influence, parking your car in a well-lit area is safer than in a dark area. Parking your car off the street is safer than on the street. Parking your car in a garage when not being driven is the safest place of all. Additionally, installing high-performance locks, car alarms, immobilisers and even vehicle tracking devices will also influence insurance rates in your favour. Just make sure you consult with your insurance company to verify the devices you’d like to engage are Thatcham-approved for maximum discount potential.

When you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, enquire of a model’s security feature. Ensure the car alarm the manufacturer or the prior owner installed is an approved system. Ask about better locks on the doors and trunks. Ask directly what the security and safety ratings of that make and model are. If the seller isn’t sure, contact the insurance company. They’ll definitely know and have the information on hand. They’ll also appreciate your attention to such details: So many drivers don’t and find their insurance rates are higher than expected.

When the car’s security and safety ratings meet or exceed positive standards, you can be sure that your vehicle is among the cheapest cars to insure. Compare online quotes with those factors in mind. Even allowing for those aspects, insurance rates can still vary significantly. Find the benefit plan you want, then examine closely the instant insurance quotes you will receive for discounts, safe driving awards and other reduced rate potential to ensure you can claim that you own one of the cheapest cars to insure.

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