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Classic UK Car Insurance

Cheaper classic UK car insurance may be as difficult to find as affordable car traders insurance, but both probably entail speciality policies for the best prices. Whether your vintage car is a domestic model, imported from Europe or shipped from the United States, proper insurance is compulsory to register these valuable machines in the UK. Speciality insurance companies are usually more familiar with the capabilities and specifications of classic cars, and they might be a faster and more reliable source of affordable comprehensive insurance. Fortunately, there is an abundance of these companies online and hungry for your business.

Surveying the Large Market Place

Since even classic car insurance carriers are highly competitive, you should have little trouble sourcing a variety of insurance covers from several of the trusted carriers in this niche. You may not have as many quotes from which to choose as you would a domestic economy model, but you should have enough providers answering your call for quotes to make a fair decision. Some speciality carriers may be more familiar with your vintage or imported car than others, and those are usually represented by the lower prices or the fuller benefit package.

Take your time in finding the right deal. Be extremely picky about the benefits and the price for the plan you choose. Your vintage car is quite valuable, and the insurance carrier should present a respectable bid for your business. It won’t be the cheapest policy you’ve ever bought, but neither was that classic auto mobile. Protect your investment by investing only acceptable insurance. If you are unsure of a company that isn’t familiar to you, don’t take a chance: Contact the Financial Services Authority, the Association of British Insurers or even an insurance broker, all of whom can give you an independent, unbiased opinion of the carrier in question. They might even be able to advise you about the insurance deals you found or that you want.

The Classic Models

The classic models of auto mobiles almost always draw attention wherever they go. When a classic car conference is held, enthusiasts and visitors come from all over the UK and Europe. And as you may have already realised, where there are classic cars, there are speciality carriers who insure them. Even if you don’t drive your lovely machine to a classic car conference, rest assured there are many there showing the same type of car photos as you’ll pass around. When you’re there, though, take full advantage of the opportunity to discuss your classic UK car insurance situation with the representatives there. If needed, make an appointment for this meeting, so you will have his full attention. Bring copies of your insurance paperwork with you and negotiate a better, cheaper classic car insurance deal. If those carriers cannot, you’ve lost nothing in trying. But if you do find a better price or a fuller benefit package for what you’re paying for now, that’s even better.

Usually, there’s a representative of the Association of British Insurers at major car conferences. If you find no advance information of representation, the conference coordinator’s office can tell you if IBA will officially attend. If so, get their reading on the speciality carriers that will be there. If IBA cannot attend, call them in advance with the list of classic car insurance specialists for the same information. As last resort, contact the Financial Services Authority and ask about the reputation and reliability of these speciality carriers. When you arrive at the conference, you already have reliable information about the trustworthiness of these insurance providers.

Don’t forget about class car clubs, though. Often, a speciality carrier will provide discounted vintage car insurance to club members, making this association an important one to consider.

The Cruise to a Deal

Unless you have a trusted friend working for a speciality carrier, your best and quickest source for fast classic UK car insurance is the Internet. You can compare multiple classic car cover quotes from many of the top providers in the UK, and you have them in moments. There is never any obligation to buy any of the protection packages presented, and if you have an idea of what benefits you want and the price you’re willing to pay for that protection, you could find the perfect classic UK car insurance deal in a fraction of the time it used to take by office visits and countless phone calls.

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