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Comprehensive Car Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance is the highest level of financial protection you can purchase for your vehicle. If you obtained a loan to purchase your car, comprehensive car cover is probably mandatory until the loan is paid in full. Many title-holders opt to continue the full coverage, however, because of the many benefits and inherent peace of mind that come with this top-tier cover type.

Homes may be the biggest financial investment people make, but their cars are often the second-biggest. If you want to keep your vehicle running well and looking great, comprehensive car insurance is a smart choice, for comprehensive cover is the only type that provides extensive benefits for your vehicle in the event of an auto accident. Because of its larger benefit package, comprehensive car insurance does cost more than the others, but that doesn’t mean you have to pay too much for it. Compare quotes from different insurance providers: Premiums vary widely for the same insurance plan. Quality isn’t always sacrificed in cheap insurance plans.

Comprehensive Auto Insurance Benefits

The Road Traffic Act of 1988 requires that every driver in the UK have third-party auto insurance. Regardless of which auto cover group for which you qualify, third-party insurance is the “entry level” cover with the least amount of benefits and often cheapest insurance plan available. It provides cover for liability to others for property damage and personal injury in an accident you cause. Protection is not limitless, however: This cover does have a maximum benefit, whether as a policy on the whole or per incident.

Despite its to-others benefit, third-party does not cover your vehicle in an auto accident or other type of accident. If your car is damaged or destroyed by fire or by theft, this basic insurance plan does not reimburse for repair or replacement. Third-party insurance may cover medical expenses incurred by a passenger in your vehicle when an accident is your fault, but it does not cover your medical expenses.

One step up from this foundational cover is third-party fire and theft. Like its low-tiered sibling, this cover provides third-party liability but adds cover for the fire or theft benefit. This insurance plan also covers your personal possessions that were in the vehicle if stolen or damaged. It provides protection in case of lightning or an explosion, but it still covers no auto accident benefit for your car or your medical expenses. Intermediate cover with third-party fire and theft policies often suffices with older cars that are owned outright and have negligible resale value.

Cost of Comprehensive Car Insurance

When comparing rates of policy types, you can easily see that comprehensive policies for your auto mobile cost more than either third-party plan. If comprehensive car insurance isn’t compulsory, you have considerable leeway in your decision. To determine if a comprehensive insurance policy better fits your needs or if a third-party-based policy might, compare the comprehensive base plan benefits to each of the third-party cover’s plan: Which gives more coverage value for the price? Does maintaining the appearance and retaining the replacement value of your car matter? If so, comprehensive cover provides a far more extensive array of features for you: It provides reimbursement regardless of who is at fault and even if no one is at fault. Other policy type may appear to be cheaper at face value, but can you afford to pay your medical bills from an auto accident? Can you afford the cost of your replacing your car if yours is destroyed by a fallen tree or in an auto accident? Compare scenario costs to cover costs, and often, comprehensive auto insurance is much more affordable.

Responsible and safe drivers enjoy the cheapest comprehensive car insurance rates, of course. Drivers over 50 years of age usually pay far less than young drivers up to age 25 years. Women drivers usually pay less than male drivers, regardless of age group: Statistically, women drive more safely and are in fewer accidents than men. That reduced risk becomes lower premiums for women. Various bonus programs, security and safety rewards and discount plans can make insurance for over-50s drivers and women drivers very cheap insurance plans, indeed.

Insuring Young Drivers

Young drivers between 17 and 25 years of age often pay the highest insurance premiums per policy type of any age group. Learning curves, limited knowledge and driving inexperience cause these drivers to occupy the highest-risk age tier for auto mobile insurance. While learning rules and gaining experience, perception skills, hazard recognition skills and reaction judgement are still being developed. In a nutshell, young drivers have more auto accidents and receive more traffic violations than any other risk group. Once young drivers pass the theory and practical tests, the Road Traffic Act compels a two-year driving probation period to allow a foundational level of experience for fully licensed young adults. If during this time you receive six or more penalty points, you could have your driving privileges revoked.

In spite of the high-risk status of this age group, or perhaps because of it, some insurance companies specialise in auto insurance for young drivers. These speciality companies target their advertising toward this age group to tempt their business. Because most of the drivers they insure share a high-risk status, that high-risk becomes the norm, and carriers often present lower insurance premiums than “standard” insurance companies. Speciality companies for young drivers know that comprehensive car insurance that covers not only others but the young drivers too is often the best all-around insurance for these inexperienced motorists. Pound for pound, comprehensive car insurance for young drivers may offer these newly licensed individuals the cheapest insurance rates for the benefit package. The extensive insurance coverage does provide a measure of mental comfort and confidence in young drivers as they gain experience driving an auto mobile.

Regardless of your risk group or your experience level, affordable comprehensive car insurance is possible by comparing multiple quotes from trusted carriers, maximising discount options and security devices and above all, driving safely for no claims bonuses than can accrue. Every driver must have insurance to drive legally in the UK, and you can find quality cover with comprehensive car insurance is entirely possible for the cheapest price by comparing auto insurance quotes online with our free tools.

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