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Car Insurance

Daily Car Insurance

Daily car insurance grants short term, flexible car cover on a day-to-day basis. When an annual policy is for longer than you need, you can find a temporary discount car insurance policy in just a few minutes without the long-term obligation and expense, yet still empower yourself to drive legally in the UK. If you still need car cover after the first day, you can extend the protection in a few short steps and in a few short moments. With daily car insurance, you have the option to protect that car for a short time instead of a long time.

Comparing several daily policies from several providers at once is fast, easy and smart. Don’t spend longer looking for cover than the time you’d be driving that borrowed car. Temporary car insurance is a competitive business. With several top companies competing for your business, you don’t have to settle for the first one you find. Whether you want the cover for a few days on holiday or for a business trip, shop and compare to find the most affordable daily car insurance.

Borrowing a Car

Friends sometimes borrow cars from friends. Even if you drive that borrowed car for one day, you, as the driver, must insure that vehicle. Driving uninsured for any reason is illegal in the UK: Without that cover, you could be levied fines, receive penalty points on your licence and possibly additional action against you. If you are involved in an accident, you may be responsible for all damages and costs of medical care for others if you do not carry proper cover.

Not getting caught driving without insurance is quite chancy: The streets and roadways are photographically monitored quite often during the day, and scanned number plates are sent through a national data base to verify insurance status. Carrying even the basic third-party cover ensures you won’t get caught, ticketed and fined – and the car possibly impounded.

The most popular daily car insurance isn’t third-party cover: It’s comprehensive cover that protects against not only liability to third parties for damages or injuries, fire or theft. It covers the driven vehicle itself and medical costs you might incur. It provides the additional benefits of breakdown service, tow service and many more benefits like windscreen, windows and mirrors and your personal property within that vehicle are protected. Your friend’s borrowed car is protected front to back, inside and out – and so are those of others.

Passing the MOT Test

The Ministry of Transportation requires vehicles to pass safety and emissions testing. Vehicles older than three years are tested regularly to ensure their compliance. Daily car insurance can be extraordinarily valuable if your vehicle fails to pass a test. The cover allows you to drive another vehicle while yours is being repaired or upgraded, and it allows you to drive legally, paired with proof of having paid road tax for that vehicle.

Your vehicle plate could be flagged if you continue to drive the car without having it repaired to meet the MOT standards. Your daily car insurance provides you with the means to drive another vehicle legally whilst you upgrade your own vehicle. Whether you borrow your flatmate’s car, a spouse’s car or a friend’s car, or you rent a car, you drive legally under your purchased daily cover for that car. Don’t not drive when you need to. Simply buy a daily policy for a borrowed or rented car and stay true to your routines and transportation needs.

Applying for Daily Insurance

Using your Internet connection to find, choose and purchase a daily car insurance policy makes the process very easy. Daily car insurance providers ensure that your online application is easy, and so is the payment process. Pay for the protection, print your certificate and go on about your driving life, knowing that you are not burdened with any long-term cover responsibilities or expense.

Bearing that in mind, be aware as well that continuing daily cover for long is more expensive than long-term cover. This policy type was not meant for quarterly or annual cover needs. Within its design confines, however, it is the most convenient type of short-term or temporary car insurance on the market anywhere. The policy type does not give such discounts as a no-claims bonus that longer-term policies do as well.

Daily car insurance can be the perfect solution to test driving a vehicle, borrowing a vehicle or renting a vehicle for a few days. To be considered for cover, you must be at least 21 years of age – or 23 years of age with some carriers and have minimal penalty points on your licence. Don’t drive without at least third-party cover when driving legally when temporary insurance is so easy to find and cheaply buy.

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