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Dashboard Camera


Many organised criminal gangs are staging car crashes where they cause an accident and then blame you, with every occupant of their car then claiming whiplash injuries.

You could also simply be involved in a genuine accident where someone else is at fault.  If they then try and blame you it will be your word against theirs.  Road markings etc may help the police decide who was the culprit but if it comes down to conflicting opinions of whether someone indicated or not, there is very little the insurance companies can do apart from to settle 50/50.

An average insurance policy costs around £400, but more than £80 of this goes directly towards paying fraudulent whiplash claims.  According to a recent BBC survey, over £2 billion was paid out on whiplash claims last year alone.

Here is an excellent overview of how the in car cameras work – the video is over 15 minutes long but it explains perfectly how they work.  This is a review of one specific model, there are dozens available to suit different needs and budgets.

There are many examples on video sharing sites of people being saved from insurance claims because of their dashboard camera – here is one of them below.

If it wasn’t for the dashboard camera there, the victim would have had a terrible time proving their innocence – the BMW driver would have denied deliberately reversing their car, and it would look like the victim had stopped paying attention and ran into the back of a stationary vehicle.   With this video there can be no doubt, and the insurance claim will go absolutely nowhere.

Avoiding a claim after an incident happens is one thing, but perhaps the best feature of this type of camera is that it will often prevent “accidents” happening in the first place. For the professional gangs who make a lot of money staging these crashes, they will keep a look out for cameras on the dashboard of potential targets.

If they see one in your car they will have no option but to let you pass through and wait on a more suitable victim – they know if they try it with you, they will never get away with it.  Prevention is far better than the cure… this means your no claims bonus stays intact and you don’t have to pay any insurance excess. You also don’t have to have your car damaged and risk injury!


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