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Discount Car Insurance

Saving money is the goal of every discount car insurance consumer. Insuring a vehicle isn’t free, but you can minimise your costs somewhat, regardless of your age, gender, driving history or residence postal code. If you are a young driver or drive a high-risk vehicle, finding discount car insurance can be even more important.

The auto mobile insurance industry is highly competitive. Leverage that close competition toward cheaper, discount car insurance to maximise your savings. One of the attraction tools companies use is a discount program. Every discount you gain will reduce your budget insurance costs, and some can accrue over time to significant savings. Take full advantage of comparison sites and discount programs to optimise your savings potential.

Discount Auto Insurance Rates

Low-powered, economical or family vehicles like a mini-van usually grant lower premiums than performance, luxury or vintage cars. Finding qualifying discounts for these vehicles can be challenging: They cost more to repair or replace than the former type. Type of car you drive can make a huge difference in your auto mobile insurance premiums. On a standard, 1-to-20 rating scale, high-risk, high-cost cars have a rating at or close to 20: The higher the risk number, the higher the premiums start.

Discounts on low-risk cars, those closer to the low end of the scale, are more easily qualified for discounted insurance rates. Before buying or leasing a vehicle, consider the insurance premiums for that car: Are you maximising your discount potential with that flashy sports car that car thieves love? If you are, expect higher premiums that are difficult to significantly reduce through discounts. It’s possible, but it’s not easy to accomplish, and you won’t receive as large of a discount as you might otherwise. Apply that principle to vintage cars or luxury cars as well, for it applies equally.

Regardless of the type of car you drive, common security actions can reduce all premiums: Car alarms and immobilisers, vehicle trackers, sturdy door locks, secure parking structures are a few. Make your vehicle as safe and secure from theft or vandalism as possible.

Safety Discounts

Earning a no-claims bonus or discount is a very effective way to reduce auto mobile insurance. Complete an entire policy period without filing an insurance claim, and you earn a discount that is applied to your next policy period. Over time, you can save hundreds of pounds or more by driving safely. Some carriers offer a forgiveness bonus for otherwise reliable drivers for minor mishaps. Most companies require a term of coverage before granting that exception, however.

Young drivers, those under 25 years of age, can qualify for reduced rates in this high-risk group by completely an approved driving safety course like Pass Plus. The Driving Standards Agency designed the course to provide extra instruction in recognising and avoiding hazards, driving in harsh weather and other operations safety procedures. Look for companies that grant this important discount.

Drivers in the lowest risk group are women drivers. Statistically, women drivers are in fewer accidents and receive fewer traffic fines and licence penalty points than men drivers do. Those between 50 and 70 years old receive the largest target group discount by companies that specialise in insuring women, for that group comprises safe, mature and experienced drivers.

Policy Discounts

Additional actions beyond moving to a safer area or choosing a different vehicle will result in lower premiums. Pay the full policy premium in one instalment avoids the administrative fee attached to monthly or quarterly instalments. If annual payments are beyond reach, quarterly payments incur fewer charges over monthly charges. Those instalment fee savings can accumulate quickly. Increasing your voluntary excess also reduces your premiums at any frequency.

If there is more than one driver in a household driving the same car, instead of purchasing individual policies, consider including the additional people as named drivers on the primary policy of the car owner. Combining cover for multiple people or include multiple vehicles along with multiple named drivers for additional total savings.

Above all, compare multiple quotes from several insurance providers. Use the Internet and comparison sites like this one to gain as much information and that competitive edge as you can: The more companies that compete – and a submission from here tells them they are in direct competition, the greater your chances of finding discount car insurance with great protection. Don’t forget to find the discounts available and explore different plan options to purchase the best insurance plan at the cheapest price.

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