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Driving Licence Point System

The UK’s driving licence point system tracks the performance of motorists and any offences committed while driving. Its purpose is to penalise drivers who are unsafe or commit illegal acts. The type and the severity of the offence determines how many points a driver receives and ho long the penalty points are left on the operator’s driving record and licence. If too many points are awarded, a licence may be suspended or revoked.

Penalty Points for Drivers

The system of penalty points is one of the most common elements between driving laws in different countries. Having a driver’s licence is a privilege earned and not an inherent right. As motorists, all drivers must realise and accept their roles and responsibilities in personal and public safety on roads and in personal driving areas. Mistakes do happen occasionally even to the best of drivers, which is why a single, minor instance probably won’t cause licence suspension when driving locally or if driving in a different country.Depending on the severity or frequency of an offence, penalty marks can remain on record from 4 to 11 years. The on-record marks influence not only your insurance rate but your driving privileges themselves. Your insurance rates accelerate, potential fines are greater and your licence possibly suspended. The accrual mounts for not only similar offences but all offences in general. If you accrue 12 or more points during any rolling, three-year period, your licence could be disqualified for weeks, months or years – or permanently.

Drink and Drug Driving

The driving licence point system maintains very serious provisions for people who drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Both are offences that stay on your driving record for 11 years, impairing your ability to get inexpensive car cover for over a decade. Gone are the low premiums. Gone are the safe driver bonuses. Gone are the discounts. Instead, you could face legal penalty of up to 12 months in jail and revocation of your driving privileges altogether, not including the fines attached.The driving point system is intended to instil a sense of responsibility in every motorist. As a driver, you are responsible for every act or action taken or caused while behind the wheel. You are responsible for not only your safety but that of every passenger, pedestrian, cyclist, skateboarder or others around you. The moment you sit in the driver’s seat and turn on the engine, you take responsibility for safety first, last and always. The point system reminds drivers of that responsibility and the penalties for forgetting it.

Pass Plus and Vehicle Safety

The UK driving licence point system is intended to act as a deterrent against bad driving choices. It alone is insufficient to avoid costly mistakes while driving. Each driver has an inherent responsibility to learn about driving safety, to remember those safety rules and procedures and to fully engage them while behind the wheel. Programmes that assist the learning process include Pass Plus, a programme aimed assisting new drivers learn the rules of the road and vehicle safety.Learn all you can about vehicle safety and safe operations. Learn about the driving licence point system. Always remember what a careless act or a hurried action can cost you in the future, both directly with fines and points against your licence as well as the increased cost of car cover in the future. Enjoy all the freedoms, advantages and benefits of a clean, responsible driving record. Spend your money on car accessories instead of car driving fines and increased premiums!

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