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European Car Insurance

When you drive in Europe, European car insurance grants freedom and peace of mind. When you have at least minimal cover in the UK, your car insurance grants third-party cover throughout the European Union, allowing you the comfort of driving legally there too. However, many car insurance cover deals impose restrictions on European driving, including the possibility of travel restrictions. European third-party cover grants liability protection, so to gain full protection, be sure to get comprehensive European car insurance, which will protect your car and yourself from almost any eventuality.

European travel can be an immensely enjoyable, exciting and rewarding experience, whether you travel for business or for pleasure. Travel does pose certain risks, though, including theft of your car or personal belongings in the vehicle or damage to your vehicle from an accident or unfamiliar roads. Aside from protecting your own vehicle, strongly consider adding benefits for your possessions, personal accident incidences and medical expenses arising from an accident. Financially protect yourself, your car and your belongings while enjoying your European trip.

Driving a Car in the EU

Driving without insurance is a very serious infraction in the United Kingdom. Not having at least third-party cover if stopped or involved in an accident can incur serious fines and add penalty points to your licence. Beyond the illegality of having no insurance whilst driving, the financial burden of compensation for property damage, injuries to others and to your own car or self can devastate your financial health if you have no insurance.

Regardless of the type of UK insurance you have, that policy may grant third-party cover in Europe. You will be covered for liability only, though it extends to anywhere in the EU. Note and abide by travel restrictions, however: Failure to comply with those prohibitions may negate your cover if an accident should occur. Recall that third-party covers only damages and injuries for others – not your car and not your injuries. Fully comprehensive cover for European travel protects your vehicle and reimburses for your injuries as well as others’ when in an accident or fire, regardless of its cause. Comprehensive, like third-party fire and theft, remits at least a portion of the auto mobile’s value if it is stolen in Europe.

Before starting on your European trip, double-check your policy for any restrictions and obligations on your comprehensive policy regarding travel on the European continent. Many policies limit the total number of European car insurance coverage to 30 days per year, regardless of the increments taken. Date and location restrictions may apply as well. Some companies may require advance notice of your intent to drive in Europe and may deny accident claims if you overlooked contacting them beforehand , so make sure that your comprehensive cover remains valid whilst driving in Europe.

If your European comprehensive car insurance does not already allow it, strongly consider adding personal accident protection for at least the duration of your trip. Personal accident insurance remits against medical expenses if you are injured in any sort of accident while on your European adventure. Whether you are injured in your car, slip and fall or are in any other accident outside your vehicle, personal accident protection will lessen any immediate financial burden for treatment.

Short Term European Insurance

If you will borrow a vehicle for your European trip, you must carry European coverage on that vehicle for even one hour of driving there. Temporary European car insurance often fits best in travellers’ budgets for those trips of short duration in a car they don’t own. Temporary cover provides insurance protection to meet legal requirements in the UK and the EU for one to 28 days. Temporary cover is usually fully comprehensive cover, but ensure the policy you purchase is at that extended level for maximum protection. If not already included, popular add-ons encompass breakdown insurance, tyre service and sometimes hired car service, all of which can be invaluable when you are driving far from home. If you travel with someone else, a second driver who qualifies for cover can easily be added to the policy for shared driving responsibilities.

Green Card Coverage

An insurance Green Card guarantees to authorities and other drivers that you have at least minimal coverage legally required by all drivers in the European Union. If you as a UK citizen are residing in Europe, you may not need the Green Card, but for international travel, carry your Green Card at all times for proof of identity and, when driving, for proof of insurance. You can obtain your Green Card though either your insurance provider or the Motor Insurers Bureau.

When shopping for UK or European car insurance or both, pay yourself a savings bonus and compare rates from several providers at once. Our free tools allow you to view multiple offers simultaneously to quickly identify which company provides the most versatile travel cover available. Because rates and conditions of coverage can differ widely, read all information available on a policy before applying. Contact the carrier directly with any additional questions you may have before you purchase any European car insurance policy.

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