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Finding a Drivers Licensing Center Near You

Before driving any vehicle or before you buy a car insurance policy, you must have legal authorisation to drive – a provisional or permanent licence, replace a lost or stolen license or pay vehicle tax. To accomplish any or all of these, visit your driver’s licence centre. The Drivers and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), an executive agency of the Department for Transportation (DFT). DVLA offices are located across the UK for quick and easy access.

Finding DVLA Local Offices

Finding local DVLA offices in England, Scotland and Wales is very simple: You can find numbers for them in your local phone book, online or via the primary number at the main Swansea office during business hours. The Swansea call centre will route your call to your local office on your behalf. Obtaining the numbers outside business hours is easiest using your phone book or the website. Without either, call the Swansea office during business hours for assistance.Many find, however, using the Internet at any time brings the most convenience. Simple enter into your favourite search engine, “(location) DVLA office”. Use quotation marks and substitute (location) for your town. You will see a list of website possibilities. Navigate through the main site or find a direct link to the office location of your choice. The sites list not only addresses, phone numbers and hours, but they also include a text phone number to use if you wish.If you cannot find the right location through a city list, online maps that pinpoint the geographic location of each DVLA office. The online map option is helpful if you are new to an area and are unfamiliar with it. Some map directory sites allow you to enter only your postal code to present the nearest DVLA office to you. If you want written directions as well as the map, note the DVLA address from the spot map. Then enter your starting location and the DVLA office for a transcript of your navigation.If you apply for the theory or practical test, you must make prior arrangements with the Driving Standard Agency (DSA). Both theory and practical tests must be scheduled in advance: Walk-ins will not be tested. Fortunately, you can contact your DSA office through the DFT website. Enter your postal code for referral to the nearest theory testing office.

Drivers Licensing Online

You can save time, effort, expense and aggravation by completing many administrative tasks online. From applying for your provisional licensing to your mandatory renewal, covering ages 17 through 70, instead of fighting traffic, you can accomplish much from your home. On the DSA or DFT website, select the link of highest interest and apply for your first provisional licence, update your address, apply for a name change or apply for a replacement for a licence that was lost or stolen.To apply for your provisional licence online, you must meet a few requirements: You must be at least 17 years old, never had a driver’s licence before, have a valid UK passport and meet minimum vision requirements. You must also provide your address history for the last three years. Payment must also be made online.Finding a driving licensing centre near youis easy, quick and efficient. Online services are quite comprehensive, but in certain circumstances, you must appear in the local office: You cannot take the driving test online, and you must appear if you do not meet minimal standards. Find what you can do online by visiting the DSA or DFT website.

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