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First Time Car Insurance

Sooner or later, every driver will experience purchasing first-time car insurance. From the time you drive for the first time under your provisional licence until you surrender your driving licence late in life, you must carry insurance whenever you drive any vehicle under UK law. Your first time car insurance could be third-party cover that meets that legal minimum standard, or your could escalate your auto insurance to add more benefits and features. Unless you have an auto loan outstanding, you probably borrow a car to drive when you are first learning. Third-party cover will reimburse others for property damages and bodily injury you cause if at fault in an accident. Finding affordable first-time car insurance at even that basic level can seem rather difficult and frustrating initially. Fortunately, there is hope, though.

If you are a provisional or newly licensed motorist, your best chance of finding affordable first-time car insurance is to seek quotes from speciality insurance companies that want first-time drivers’ business. Young driver insurance providers are sympathetic to new driver needs and risks, and they often offer the more inexpensive premium options for young drivers.

Car Insurance for Learners.

You may apply for your provisional licence within two months of your 17th birthday. You cannot actually drive, however, until you reach that benchmark age. Provisional licences allow young drivers to practice driving and gain some experience prior to taking the theory and practical tests. Whilst driving under a provisional licence, you must be accompanied by a qualified individual who is at least 21 years old and has had a licence for at least three years.

First-time car insurance for provisional and newly qualified drivers is higher that virtually any other group of motorists. Young drivers don’t have driving experience and statistically are in more accidents and receive more traffic citations. As you gain experience, your driving should become safer, and your premiums will gradually decrease to reflect that increasing experience level. Once you receive your full licence, you must complete a two-year probationary period during which you cannot receive more than six penalty points on your licence. Otherwise, the licence may be revoked, and you must restart the entire licensing process.

As of 1988, all drivers in the UK must carry third-party auto mobile insurance. Third-party cover protects against your liability for property damage and bodily injury to others when at fault in an accident. Third-party insurance does not provide benefits to repair or replace your own vehicle, nor does it cover your own medical expenses that may arise from that car accident. It also provides no benefits if your car is stolen or destroyed by fire.

Because comprehensive car insurance provides the only protection for the young driver’s vehicle, first-time car insurance at the fully comprehensive level is highly recommended. Knowing damage to the young driver’s vehicle would be covered grants significant peace of mind for the inexperienced motorist, especially if driving a borrowed vehicle. Personal accident protection added to comprehensive auto cover reimburses for the young driver’s own medical expenses if hurt in an accident. Popular add-on features to first-time comprehensive auto insurance are breakdown protection and tyre service. Regardless of where you are, should your car break down, help is only a call away.

Cheap First-Time Car Insurance

While more expensive than average, first-time car insurance needn’t cause a feeling of lifetime indentureship. You do have options that, as a new driver, may reduce your first-time car insurance premiums significantly. Increasing the voluntary excess will instantly lower your premiums. Successfully completing a driving safety course like Pass Plus will grant reduced premiums with most insurance carriers and especially with companies that specialise in young driver insurance.

Paying a policy with a lump sum payment reduces the total cost of the auto insurance: Instalments are embedded with handling fees that escalate the total cost of the coverage. Some insurance companies also allow new drivers to qualify for a no claims bonus: If you complete an entire policy period without a traffic citation or filing an insurance claim, a no claims bonus will reward your safe driving with reduced premiums on your renewal policy. Be sure to ask if the carrier that interests you provides that bonus program on first-time car insurance policies. Over time with that carrier, you could reduce your car insurance costs up to 70 per cent or more as the no claims bonuses accrue.

To secure the cheapest auto insurance, drive or purchase a low-risk auto mobile over a flashy, high-risk car. House any vehicle you drive or purchase inside a locked garage at night, tremendously decreasing the risk of theft or vandalism, and your first-time car insurance can become easily affordable. Using security devices like car alarms and immobilisers that are approved by Thatcham can also bring down the cost of your auto insurance for young drivers.

Utilize the advantages of online shopping and compare multiple instant quotes from trusted and reliable insurers. Compare features, benefits and add-ons, tailoring your insurance to meet your complete needs. You will see that insurance rates vary widely between insurance companies, so pick the cheapest first-time car insurance deal that provides the type and level of protection that you can best afford. Inquire about discounts, bonuses and incentives to lower premiums: Protection is valuable, but it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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