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Fleet Car Insurance

Fleet car insurance protects multiple vehicles used for business purposes. These auto mobiles can be sedans or vans, like taxi cabs, or they can be repair trucks or they can be lorries used for delivery of goods. The operative word is simply “fleet.” A fleet policy is one insurance plan that covers designated vehicles. Fleet car insurance is often cheaper than the total premiums of separate plans on each car, giving businesses good financial incentive to choose this insurance option.


Fleet car insurance, like vintage, standard or first car insurance policies, allows a wide range of cover types and featured options available. Cost of the policy depends on the number of vehicles driven, the types of vehicles, the business’ accident history and the cover level itself.

Because fleet vehicles are rolling advertisements for the owning business or organisation, fleet owners usually opt for fully comprehensive insurance that provides accident benefits for repair or replacement of the insured vehicle. Appearances are important to public perception, and only comprehensive cover allows accident benefits for the insured vehicles.

Some businesses utilize older vehicles or commercial vehicles for specific purposes that occasionally enter hazardous situations, and scratches and dents are not uncommon. For those special situations, fleet owners may opt for cheaper cover. Third-party cover provides liability coverage only for property damages or injuries to others when at fault in an incident or accident. Third-party fire and theft is more common an alternative. This intermediate cover provides the same liability coverage but adds limited repair or vehicle replacement benefits for vehicle break-ins or theft and damage from fire, explosions or lightning as well. Most fleet owners opt for this cover primarily for the theft protection, although other circumstances have occurred before.


The purpose for which a vehicle is used does impact its fleet car insurance premium, just as the use of a private vehicle influences a private motorist’s cover prices. Heavy duty hauling, for instance, has greater probability of being involved in an accident than a personal vehicle temporarily covered to deliver a contract two miles away. Taxi cabs that travel to all areas of a city or region have a high risk of accidents. How the vehicle is used will significantly influence its cover rates.


Like most other types of cover, fleet car insurance policies allow the addition of options to suit the policy holder. Personal injury protection provides coverage for medical expenses that arise from a covered driver’s injuries in an auto accident. Breakdown cover is an extremely popular option, for it provides tyre service, roadside assistance for minor repairs and tow service when repairs are more extensive. Another option that smaller business consider is the legal representation feature. Most larger businesses have legal representation that may provide representation in a lawsuit, but for any business that wants this protection through the auto insurance provider can determine to what benefit limit legal services are provided regarding accidents and other coverage areas. Legal representation can be quite expensive, and this benefit helps pay those costs if needed.

Many businesses also opt for a replacement or courtesy vehicle codicil attached to the breakdown cover option. If a covered vehicle needs towing for repairs, and those repairs would prevent a deadline from being met, this add-on will provide another vehicle to be used to get the driver to an important meeting or goods delivered as quickly as possible. Restrictions on commercial vehicles may apply, however.

If a business uses more than one vehicle for business reasons, fleet car insurance may be the cheaper alternative for legal cover than individual policies. Fleet car insurance is available at all cover levels and with myriad optional benefits. Find the best fleet car insurance coverage to suit your business needs, and source multiple fleet cover providers to find the cheapest fleet coverage possible.

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