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Free Car Insurance Quotes

Free car insurance quotes are one of the best, fastest and cheapest ways for motorists to find quality cover for affordable prices. Comparing quotes one by one is possible, but the more efficient method is to source as many quotes from a variety of auto insurance providers simultaneously. There should never be any obligation to purchase a policy from any quote provided, and free insurance quotes make even the cheapest auto insurance deal even lower in price, regardless of the driving history, the car involved or any other insurance group detail.

Insurance companies, agents and brokers are very willing to provide quotes on various insurance packages, but instead of phoning each one individually, providing your information time after time, then having to keep track of what offer for what is from whom, sourcing multiple quotes keeps offer separated and organised for you. You might note important offers, but you needn’t make any notation of ones outside your parameters.


Whilst it’s possible to just toss a quote fishing line into the growing pond of online offers, having a defined list of insured people and cars as well as prices and benefits wanted, baits the line much more effectively. If you want more than just third-party cover, for instance, you don’t have to sort through all of those premium quotes to find the cover that you do want. Having complete and accurate details on the car you want to insure and your own licence status and driving history as well as your previous insurance details will cut your search efforts and time into a streamlined process that avoids repetition, aggravation and widely inaccurate quotes. Know what category of cover you want as well.

Third-party cover meets legal requirements in the UK but pays only to others when you cause an accident. Third-party fire and theft provides the same liability-only cover in accidents but adds a few limited-application scenarios that provide benefits for your own car: If your vehicle is stolen or damaged by a break-in, fire, lightning or explosions, the insurance carrier will pay to either repair or replace the vehicle up to either the maximum on your policy or a percentage of the vehicle’s monetary value. The only cover that provides auto accident benefits for your car is comprehensive cover that also provides the benefits of either third-party cover.

Generally speaking, each cover type will cost more than its predecessor. Knowing the level of cover that you need or want will weed out quotes that don’t apply and present a much more accurate profile of prices and benefit packages as you search for the plan and price range you want. Most policies of any level can be tailored and tweaked to eliminate benefits you just don’t need and allow add-ons that you want. Each base cover adjustment will change the price of the auto insurance policy, but you still have no obligation to buy any plan presented in a list of free car insurance quotes.

The Car

All free car insurance quotes are greatly influenced by the vehicles being insured. A driver with a clean driving record and an empty claims history will find that quotes for a high-risk, high-value auto mobile will be considerably most costly than for a small, economical car. Every car has an insurance rating for safety, security and repair-related cost projections. The more valuable the car is, the rarer the car is, or the more specialised the car is, the higher the premiums will be.

Engine size and power influence free car insurance quotes. The faster a vehicle accelerates, the faster it will travel and the heavier it is, the longer it will take to bring that vehicle to a stop. As stopping distance and time, accident risk increases. Also, the heavier a car is, the longer it takes to stop it and the more damage it causes on impact. Both of those factors nudge insurance rates upward.

Free car insurance quotes provide myriad choices in insurance plans and price ranges, but no quote is worthwhile without accurate information. Even transposing one digit can alter quote profiles, so be accurate, be complete, be honest and be aware of all policy stipulations before you purchase any policy, whether it is through our comparison site or elsewhere. Above all, drive safely!

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