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Free Car Insurance

Free car insurance is a dream of many motorists. Fortunately, the insightful insurance shopper can make that dream a reality by comparing quotes, plans and benefits from a highly competitive auto insurance industry. Some top providers do offer incentive bonuses that include a segment of time on a policy that is provided at no cost to the driver. This type of very effective marketing tool isn’t available on every policy type from every provider, so look well if free car insurance is high on your Wish List.

You can be completely satisfied with your current auto cover, and it is still a good idea to keep an eye on policy trends, prices and options that auto carriers in your area are offering new clients. Who knows? You may find a cheap car insurance deal or better European car insurance benefits from the same insurance company, but you knew nothing about it. You can always contact the carrier as you near the end of your policy term and open negotiations for better cover before you need to renew. Even if the free insurance period is offered by a competitor company, your insurance carrier may well offer you the same deal simply to keep you happy. If the company cannot or does not offer you that option, you know you have possibilities later.

Free Car Insurance Requirements

Alas, “free” car insurance refer to only monetary cost. There are often restrictions and conditions attached to free coverage periods by those trusted carriers who offer it. A common condition is that you must purchase an annual policy, sometimes with full coverage payment in full at the time your are accepted. Additional qualifications are often no-accident status, maintaining a no claims bonus situation, for a declared number of years or having minimal or no penalty points on your licence. Failure to uphold your end of the bargain may invoke immediate payment of those free months of cover or, if not yet awarded, revocation of the free status qualification.

To qualify for free car insurance, you might complete an application over the Internet. Your rates for the paid-coverage months will be determined in the usual fashion by the carrier. The company will compute your regular premiums based on statistical data that encompasses your age, your gender, the covered vehicle, your driving history and your claims history, among other factors. While insurance companies rarely combine free car insurance plans with extraordinarily low monthly rates, if you search well, you may find a carrier whose average premiums are lower than another company’s best per-month rate.

Fortunately, even with free car insurance plans, you can reduce your overall cost of protection by parking your locked vehicle in a secure garage, off the street when possible at night or in a well-lit area. The secured garage is the safest environment, for it reduces the risk of theft or vandalism the most. Immobilisers, factory-installed locks that are stronger than usual and even vehicle tracking devices can influence your car insurance rates downward. As always, even with free car insurance deals, you will pay less to insure a small, economical auto mobile than for a high-end, luxury car.

Because most free car insurance plans depend on a good driving history, you may be required to present proof of your no claims status and its overall duration before the free period begins or before you are accepted by the carrier. Additional promotional offers to further tempt safe drivers might envelope additional free or reduced-cost benefits like breakdown protection, hired car service or tyre repair or replacement. Another condition that may apply is that your purchased cover is comprehensive insurance, covering all that third-party and third-party fire and theft policies do, then adding protection for your own car and your own injuries from an accident, regardless of who was at fault.

Car Insurance Deals

Free car insurance for a period of time may free up a fair amount of cash. You could invest a little more, deposit into your savings account, take a short holiday or pay off a few debts. However, you can save money by looking at other ways to save on your insurance bills if you look from another viewpoint. You might combine cover for multiple vehicles, for instance, or you might combine your house and vehicle policies. You might simply add more named drivers to your policy to cut down on insurance costs for the entire household. Unfortunately, car insurance carriers rarely combine these options with free car insurance, but be aware of all your options. Compare all costs, then choose from the myriad quotes you obtain through our free tools to make the wisest and most responsible car insurance deal you can find. Add in your discounts for no claims, an increased voluntary excess, vehicle security techniques and approved devices, and who knows? The cheapest car cover policy that you compute just might be the free car insurance deal!

Always keep in mind that the car insurance industry is extremely competitive: Insurance providers are constantly devising ways to tempt motorists to buy their insurance. Even if you are satisfied with your current plan, know what else is available, whether through your own carrier or a competitor, when you compare multiple quotes and deals from several providers via our free, on-site comparison tool.

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