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Green Car Insurance

Green car insurance companies are those that uphold environmentally conscious principles when conducting business. You may enjoy sizeable insurance premium reductions when you purchase green car insurance. You also may feel a great deal of satisfaction in contributing toward the environment-oriented principles of that insurance company. As society’s environmental concerns mature and expand, green car insurance is becoming a more attractive idea and practice. Climate change is one of the world’s most serious concerns. Green car insurance promotes ecologically-sound principles.

If green driving principles appeal to you, green car insurance may well be the protection vehicle for you and your family. When comparing multiple insurance quotes from top, trusted providers, that green car insurance is quite competitively priced is quite apparent. To both reduce rates even more and help protect our environment, you might consider reducing the miles you drive and carpooling with friends, household members, co-workers and family. Adopting reduced-driving guidelines within your household and searching for multi-car insurance comparisons can help more than financial budgets.

Benefits to the Environment

Thousands of drivers have modified their driving habits and patterns to reduce the carbon footprint of their vehicles on the environment. Fuel-efficient cars are becoming the norm, and driving a small, light-weight vehicle saves on not only petrol costs but also insurance costs. Green auto mobile insurance companies encourage avoiding driving fuel-gobbling vehicles and often reward efficient cars with lower insurance rates and discount bonuses.

Reducing the miles driven definitely reduces carbon emissions, and the less you drive your car, the less risk you have of being in an accident. The reduced risk may result in reduced premiums – good news for any budget. Using public transportation like buses or trains, car pools, bicycles or our own legs improve finances as well as the environment. Green savings can also apply to non-insurance aspects that can save you money as well, such as green windows and doors or a green, energy-saving appliance.

Green car insurance companies encourage green driving practices and reducing carbon emissions. Some companies even offer benefits like free green offsetting, which can minimise your vehicle’s exhaust emissions. Many green insurance companies actively engage in activities to improve or repair the environment: Planting trees, recommending green business and raising public awareness are three activities. Know your premium payments help promote this important cause.

Benefits to the Car Owner

Green car insurance policies are usually available at all three insurance tiers – third-party insurance, third-party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive auto insurance. Third-party cover is the minimum required in the UK, but to obtain the best auto mobile insurance deal, know what coverage you need and all drivers and cars to be insured. Having an outline of your cover requirements on hand as you begin your search for the cheapest green car insurance comparison will lessen the time required to find the best policy for the best price.

Third-party, as the name implies, pays benefits only to others if you cause an accident. There are no benefits for your car or toward your medical expenses. Third-party fire and theft is the intermediate policy that provides the same liability benefits as its basic-level cousin. It adds, however, conditional benefits for your own vehicle: If your car is damaged by fire, theft, explosion or lightning, the insurance will pay for repair or up to a portion of your car’s value if destroyed. Whilst it still won’t cover any medical expenses or auto-accident benefits in an at-fault incident, the additional layers of protection suit many owners of older vehicles.

Fully comprehensive insurance provides the greatest and broadest benefit package of all vehicle insurance tiers. Whilst it may be more expensive than the others, it does offer the most value, pound for pound. The most significant benefit of green car comprehensive insurance is that it is the only level of insurance that provides protection for your own vehicle in case of an accident, regardless of who the at-fault party is. Comprehensive insurance is the level of cover most often required when you purchase a new green car, for the lender must have its investment in your economically friendly vehicle protected until you close out the loan. Popular additions to comprehensive cover include personal accident protection if not already included, which covers your accident-related medical expenses, breakdown cover and hired car cover. If your car needs towing after it breaks down on the motorway, the towing service add-on is also extremely convenient.

Green insurance providers strive to present excellent benefit plans at very reasonable, highly competitive prices. They know as environmentally conscious organisations that saving the environment can start with affordable green insurance that centres around responsible practices. A cheap policy, combined with security discounts, safety discounts and even no claims bonuses can make green car insurance a very attractive idea.

Green car insurance is a viable option for many motorists. Compare auto insurance quotes that include prices from green car cover providers, and you will see that saving the environment may also mean saving money.

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