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How to Renew Your Drivers Licence

You can renew your driver’s licence online, by post or in person at a local office of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA. You can find renewal applications at certain post office branches, Traffic Area offices and, of course, at DVLA offices. Application packs are also available for download at the Government’s public service website.You can use the application forms for ore than simple licence renewal: You can renew your photo, remove endorsements, remove driving disqualification information or change such details as your name or address. If its lost or stolen, you can apply for a new licence copy online or at a local DVLA branch. Contact the DVLA call centre in Swansea, or use the Government’s website to find the nearest location.

Reasons for Licence Renewal

Once qualified for a full driver’s licence, you may never need to repeat the renewal process until you reach age 70 when everyone must renew a licence. However, if you carry a photo-card licence, you must replace the photograph every 10 years; doing so when your appearance changes significantly is highly recommended. You must submit an application to update your personal details as the changes occur.If you have surrendered your licence due to health reasons or have had it revoked for any reason, you must re-qualify to drive again and have a new licence issued. Professional drivers of lorries and vans must renew more often than motorists who just drive auto mobiles.

Renewing Your Licence When your photo-card licence is due for its 10-year renewal, the DVLA sends you a renewal reminder notice. You can renew the photo-card licence via return post, submit the changes in a renewal application online, send the written renewal by fax or drop by your local DVLA office.You have three ways to request a replacement licence that was lost or stolen: You can complete an online application, send a written application by post or call the local DVLA office for a replacement. If you find the old licence after ordering the replacement document, simply mail the older licence to the Swansea office. The issue date will designate it as an older, outdated licence. The DVLA personnel can easily determine that a new licence was issued already.If you either had your licence revoked or surrendered for health reasons, you must gain medical approval to renew your driving privileges. You must meet or exceed the minimum medical standards for fitness to drive before applying for reinstatement of your driving privileges. You must complete the DVLA application and the medical questionnaire that pertains to the medical condition. When both are completed, you can send the documents by post or by fax.Three months before your 70th birthday, when all licence entitlements are renewed, the DVLA will send you a renewal reminder. If you do not receive it, you must initiate the renewal process yourself, but thankfully, it’s an easy process.Complete a renewal application, then return it and your old licence to the Swansea office. If you have a photo-card licence and if it’s due for the 10-year renewal or close to it, include a passport photo for update inclusion. If your name has changed, you must provide the legal documentation of the change – a marriage certificate, a divorce decree or court judgement.Renewing a driving licence, the helpful staff at the DVLA office can take your call, or you can find information and instructions online via links provided on government websites.

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