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Import Car Insurance

Driving an import car from Europe, Japan or America can be fun. Driving one legally in the UK requires import car insurance. Affordable import car cover can be somewhat difficult to find: Many insurers in the United Kingdom will not issue insurance for these vehicles at all, but not only must you have the policy in effect, the value of your import car deserves protection. Take the time required to find insurance your car deserves, and take the time to find affordable insurance that you deserve.

You don’t have to grab the first insurance quote that comes along. To improve your chances of finding cheap comprehensive protection for your import car, compare quotes from several providers. To see price and plan differences immediately, compare them side-by-side, using our free quote request tools. Use the competitive nature of the import car insurance business to your advantage! Get the most affordable comprehensive cover for your import, and protect it against accidental damage, fire, theft or vandalism for a reasonable price. Most comprehensive policies have included or have available such additional benefits as breakdown insurance, windscreen and glass protection and legal and medical cost assistance if needed.

Insurance Rates for Import Vehicles

When you insure any auto mobile, the make and model of your chosen vehicle play a very large part in your insurance premiums. The Insurance Group Rating Panel created a safety rating chart that evaluates such elements as vehicle weight, engine size and top speed to create a safety profile which correlates to a numerical scale of one to 20. The higher the safety risk, the higher the number. Other elements of insurance liability incorporated into the scale include cost of parts, lengths of repair times and availability of qualified repair technicians in your area.

Another factor involved in driving and insuring cars manufactured overseas is that many have left-hand drives. That fundamental difference from cars made in the UK create additional driving risk due to its basic unfamiliarity to many UK residents and repair shops. For those reasons, many insurance companies either refuse insurance to some import cars, or they charge a very high fee to cover the vehicles. Finding an affordable import car insurance policy can seem extremely frustrating.

Fortunately, with a bit of patience and perseverance, motor car insurance that doesn’t surrender your bank account may be well within reach. Explore your options carefully. Take the time both your car and your wallet deserve to find those providers who understand the needs of import car owners, for they often offer the cheapest cover rates available.

Import Car Insurance Benefits

Before you can register an imported car in the UK, the Department for Transportation or DfT must approve the vehicle. Next, the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency, or DVLA, must certify the vehicle passes UK safety regulations. Finally, you must present Customs receipts to ensure proper importation of the vehicle.

The process of importing your vehicle from Europe, America or Asia is long and often involved. If you are fond of the make and model of your car or if you are relocating to the United Kingdom, importation of your beloved auto mobile may well be worth it. Once you have registered your vehicle, it’s time to compare import car insurance quotes to find the best cover for the lowest price. This type of cover is more expensive than for a family vehicle, but after you spot the cheapest cover for your car, you can still reduce your overall costs. Security devices, such as car alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices can reduce your risk of theft. Parking your car off the street, in well-lit areas or in a secured garage will lower them even more – especially when all possible means are used in tandem. High-performance locks and a safe driving history, qualifying for a coveted no claims discount can also bring premium prices into the affordable range for import cars.

Comprehensive import car insurance presents the fullest array of benefits for your treasured vehicle. From repair or replacement of your vehicle, breakdown cover, tow service and even hired car service are all very popular added benefits to a comprehensive auto insurance policy. Breakdown service may be most appreciated if your vehicle no longer runs whilst you are away from your new home.

Temporary Protection

If you are experiencing difficult in the vehicle approval necessary to fully register your import car in the UK, consider temporary cover for anywhere from one to 28 days. If you believe you might need short-term insurance beyond that 28 days, a pay as you go plan might be even cheaper. Providers issuing temporary policies in the UK do require the insured be at least 21 years of age, and some companies raise that minimum age to 23 years.

If the car you import into the UK was first registered overseas, be prepared for additional potential delays in registering your vehicle. Once it’s cleared for you to drive, however, be sure to review your import car insurance to ensure it meets your needs with the protection you want for an affordable price. For import car enthusiasts, the procedural delays and the import car cover rates are well worthwhile, for nothing can replace your favourite make and model of vehicle. Search several insurance quotes at once for the fastest decision, giving your car the protection it deserves at a price that you deserve! Enjoy the peace of mind of excellent coverage as you drive your import car in the United Kingdom.

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