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Car Insurance

Insurance for Cars

Insurance for cars is essential in the UK. You cannot drive any vehicles without it and drive legally: Minimal cover has been a legal requirement since 1988. Driving without valid cover is a very serious offence in this country. You could face fines of up to £5000, six to eight penalty points on your licence and possible revocation of your driving privileges. It is far cheaper and safer to purchase insurance for cars than it is to face and recover from those consequences or the consequences of being in an accident and face all those bills simply because you failed to pay a few pounds per month for insurance protection.

Making Sure

Insurance companies protect against risk. Before you buy any cheap insurance for cars, protect yourself from the risk of insurance fraud. Scams are very prevalent on the Internet. Contact the Financial Services Authority (FSA) or the Association of British Insurers (ABI) before you grab that cheap insurance deal from an unknown company. Either of these sources can tell you of the company’s reputation and trustworthiness. The FSA is the organisation that authorises every insurance company in the UK to sell insurance plans: If the FSA doesn’t know of this organisation, don’t buy the insurance. The cheapest deal is worthless if you’re buying a policy that doesn’t exist or if the “company” is a fake. As you search for affordable insurance, don’t rely on insurance company websites with badges of authenticity. Those can be faked as well, and the appearance of the website can still be very professional. Check with the experts; they’re the most trusted source of information about any insurance company in the UK. Choose a car protection company that is worth your trust: After all, you are entrusting your finances, your financial health and your vehicle with them.

The Cars Insurance Trade

Car usage patterns change. You might drive a small, economical car during the week but drive a performance car on the occasional weekend. You usually store that high-risk vehicle in a locked garage when you aren’t driving it to protect it from vandalism or theft. To keep that performance car in good shape, you probably carry comprehensive insurance on it, but do you always need to carry that top-level cover if it’s securely parked most of the time?

If you only occasionally drive a speciality auto mobile that has higher value than your commuter car or family car, and especially if it’s secured well when parked, consider trading insurance plans between the cars, covering each with the higher cover as needed. Keep your performance car locked securely during the week and carry only third-party cover on it then; your economical model needs the fuller cover. However, when you drive the performance car, for instance, and that’s all you’ll drive for a day or two, reduce the smaller car’s cover and increase the cover on the high-risk vehicle.

If that shuffle is too bothersome, consider temporary cover on the rarely-driven car for those rare days you take to the road with it. Be open to alternate insurance plans that minimise your costs but still provide adequate cover to remain within the law.

Look Around

Always be open to the possibility of cheaper, fuller insurance benefits. The Internet is an excellent source for cheap quotes on insurance for cars, but never ignore possible leads from other drivers. There’s nothing like a trusted voice of experience for hot leads. You don’t have to buy that insurance, but if a good friend mentions a good deal, isn’t it worth looking into just in case it’s better than yours?

When you do look on the Internet, look carefully at the value included in each quote. A low-priced policy may seem great, but if it has fewer benefits than your current policy, it may not carry the same per-pound value. Keep looking, though. Carriers selling insurance for cars are very competitive. They continually update their benefit packages to adjust to the insurance market. You never know when or where you’ll find that dream insurance for cars you have at home.

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