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Kit Car Insurance

Because of the vehicle’s nature, finding affordable kit car insurance can seem the stuff of nightmares. Building a car from a kit requires a high degree of mechanical ability and expertise. Sometimes, it seems it takes less effort building a kit car than it does to find cheap kit car insurance! Fortunately, there is hope: Others share your passion for this type of vehicle, and some insurance companies not only accept your business but welcome it! Those are the companies that will offer you the lower kit car cover rates.

Kit cars are not inexpensive undertakings. The money invested in the DIY kits almost match the time it often takes to assemble them. Once the kit car is finished, you certainly don’t want to leave its viable life to a chance accident or fire and especially not theft. Only comprehensive kit auto insurance for young drivers or more mature drivers can protect the monetary and personal investment you have created. Comprehensive cover protects not only others from damage or injury from an accident you cause, but it also provides financial protection your own kit car and your medical treatment. It covers glass assembly, mirrors and windscreens as well as any personal possessions in your vehicle as well. Protect your kit car creation with the protection it deserves: Find kit car comprehensive insurance online quotes you can afford.

Kit Car Insurance Rates

UK regulations regarding modified cars are extremely strict. Any modification must be approved by the Department for Transportation (DfT) before the car can be registered. A kit car encompasses more than merely modifying an engine: You create a new car model. To ensure it was constructed properly and safely, all kit cars must meet the DfT’s basic safety criteria before it can be registered and driven.

The type of vehicle you drive scales heavily on auto insurance quotes. The vehicle’s weight, engine size and power as well as the vehicle’s acceleration speed influence how much damage it can cause in an accident, and the more damage it can potentially do, the greater the financial risk to both the carrier and the driver. Since car insurance rotates around risk assessment, greater financial risk means higher insurance premiums.

Repair factors also influence your insurance rates for your customised vehicle. The availability of spare parts and trained repair personnel may be limited, which extends repair times and cost. Those, in turn, elevate insurance rates. A kit car has a high degree of customisation to the body, and they can be difficult and costly to repair because of it. Engine modifications aren’t uncommon with kit cars as well. Those power-changing issues rarely decrease insurance rates.

You can invoke restrictive practices that can nudge your kit car insurance rates downward: Limit the miles you drive it, for the less it is on the road, the less likely it is to be in an accident. Park your vehicle in a locked garage, off the street or in a well-lit area when not being driven, for each scenario, presented in decreased-influence chronology, can further reduce your insurance premiums, though the garage presents the greatest money-saving possibility. Use Thatcham-approved security devices, increase your voluntary reduction and qualify for each sequential no claims bonus are three additional possibilities to effect cheap kit car insurance premiums from your speciality carrier.

Kit Car Insurance Providers

Alas, your passion for kit cars may present a frustrating search for reasonably priced vehicle insurance. Insurance provider after provider may either refuse coverage or offer premiums of such magnitude that software millionaires might have difficulty paying them! Fortunately, you may discover a welcome surprise: Speciality companies who appreciate your passion want your business. While policies still might cost a bit more than standard comprehensive car insurance, these special policies grant excellent cover for affordable kit car insurance protection – and it’s only comprehensive insurance that will protect your custom car the way it deserves.

Your kit car is probably like few or no others in the world. Speciality insurance providers who cater to kit car lovers understand the love, attention and sheer ingenuity you poured into that machine. The vehicle probably handles differently than any other car, and that does increase your risks, but speciality insurance companies understand that, and they still offer a haven for kit car lovers who need proper cover for vehicle registration and sheer relaxed enjoyment of your customised auto mobile. When you search for the perfect kit car insurance, look specifically for these speciality insurance providers.

As you search for affordable kit car insurance, don’t overlook the need for reliable coverage: Ensure the provider you choose is financially strong and is held in high regard by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the insurance industry and its customers. You have limited choices in providers for your speciality vehicle. Don’t get scammed by unscrupulous pretenders. Trustworthy providers are authorised by the FSA whose mission is to oversee insurance and financial institutions to protect against fraud and other abuses. Those insurance providers with FSA authorisation uphold high standards of conduct and usually have above-average customer service.

If you want to make your own mark in vehicle preference, a common model off a factory line probably won’t suffice. Kit cars are probably a lifelong enthusiasm, and they deserve the soft-glove approach of quality kit car insurance. Sometimes, kit car owners form clubs and associations that provide members with discounted insurance in addition to other membership perks. Compare these association or even co operative insurance quotes with other carriers when you use our free tools to gather multiple insurance quotes online. In just a few moments, you can begin sorting through your options to find the cheapest auto insurance for your kit car, then start driving with full legality in a few minutes more.

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